California Bans Non-Rescue Sales

California To Become The First State To Ban Sales Of Non-Rescue Animals In Pet Shops

By Gracie C.


       Over 200 cities have decided to take the stand against bred-animals in their pet stores, but California is set to become the first state that is against the commercial breeding of cats, dogs and rabbits.
       The Pet Rescue and Adoption Act, AB 485, was passed unanimously and is now awaiting the governor's signature. The act states: "Any pet stores found guilty of selling commercially bred animals can be fined up to $500 for each violation." In other words, if the pet store is found guilty of specifically breeding animals to sell, they'll be fined the sum of money listed.
       So next time you think of getting a new pet, bless one life and make it so much better by rescuing someone. Some local rescue shelters include :


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