The Unfinished Book: An Incomplete Story

The Unfinished Book
An Incomplete Short Story
by Gaaya N

The cold wind rushed against the pages of the worn leather cover. The attic floorboards creaked, as my mother appeared behind the door. She said she had called me for a dinner that was now no more.
“Oh come on!” my mother croaked when she saw me with The Book, for she had an dreaded cold. “Oh my dear, why must you look at that old thing?”
“It's the 2 anniversary since father…” I trailed off and glanced down at the book icily. “Since he disappeared,” I finished.
“Come now dear, let's not think about the past but of the near future!” my mother said in her we-will-not-talk-about-this-anymore-end-of-discussion voice.  She led me down the stairs where my supper was ready, lukewarm by now. Alas I didn’t think my journey would end soon, for I had a fascinating discovery...

The End

(What do you think of this story? Leave a comment down below! Also how do you think the story will end? Be as creative and artistic as you desire!)


  1. It's definitely neat! Really worth my time to read! *winks*

  2. This has real potential to be published, keep it up. Although this is great, I would personally recommend releasing longer parts and maybe going into more detail. Doing something like, "Flabbergasted by the meticulously engraved, crimson leather book I tightly grasped on too -tight to the extent that my finger pads turned a rose-like shade of red- my sickened mother let out a shocked croak," would have such an impressive effect on your readers. Anyways, the detail you have is good, and overall the story does a fantastic job of enticing the readers and having the audience crave more.

    1. Thanks for you advice, will do! :)

  3. When is the next Unfinished Book: An Incomplete Story coming out??? Getting impatient here because it's so mysterious and one of my favorite genres is mystery!!!!!

    1. Don't worry, I'm working on it!


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