Crystal Mastermind: Chapter One

Crystal Mastermind
By Chloe B

Edited by: Gaaya N, Robert P, Julia B, Cassidy P, Mariella D, and Kyleigh J

--=The Sixteen=--

Asha - Firewielder - blood color - red (Sis to Kyle) (Age: 8 ) Background story: when parents were in Hawaii, snuck off to Crystal’s to get to know her more as a friend. Bro followed.

Kyle - Frostmolder - blood color - white (Bro to Asha)  (Age: 8) Background story; when parents were in Hawaii, sister snuck off to get to know Crystal more; he followed.

Juliet - Weatherbender - blood color - clear (Age: 8 ) (Sis to Violetta and Jamie) Background story; Mum & Pa are scientists for global warming; when parents were in Antartica she and her siblings secretly went over to Crystal’s to meet up with their friends Asha and Kyle (see above).

Violetta - Waterformer - blood color - turquoise (Age: 9 ) (Sis to Juliet and Jamie) Background story; Mum & Pa are scientists for global warming; when parents were in Antartica she and her siblings secretly went over to Crystal’s to meet up with their friends Asha and Kyle (see above).

Jamie - Earthmelter - blood color - hazel (Age: 9) (bro to Juliet and Violetta) Background story: Mum & Pa are scientists for global warming; when parents were in Antarctica he and his siblings secretly went over to Crystal’s to meet up with their friends Asha and Kyle (see above).

Emilio - Jewelfinder - blood color - orange (Age: 9) Background story: Papa & Mama are ill; family of coal miners; came to place the jewels in Crystal’s mansion, was captured afterward; SECRET: HATES Oliver  

Andrew - Realmcrafter - blood color - purple (Age: 11) Background story: Crystal’s head guard’s son; she gave him up to a promise of a better life

Katheryn - Ironfisted - blood color - gray (Age: 12) Background story: NOT NEEDED. (You’ll see why.)
Thalia - Dragontamer - blood color - dark blue (Sister to Millicent) (Age: 12) Background story: met up with Millicent at age 9. She and Millicent went over to Crystal’s to admire her treasures.
Millicent - Conjurer - blood color - brown (Sister to Thalia) (Age: 12) Background story: met up with Thalia at age 9. She and Thalia went over to Crystal’s to admire her treasures.
Kristen - Naturespeaker - blood color - green (Age: 12 ) Background story; Survived a plane crash; Mom and Papa didn’t; Crystal found her; followed Crystal with the promise of food and shelter.
Hanna - Spellcaster - blood color - maroon (Age: 12 ) Ma & Pa are Crystal's potion brewers; parents forced to depart and give Crystal their child.

Liam - Castleguardian - blood color - black (Age: 13) Background story: Father & Mum archeologists; went alone to Crystal with the promise of newly discovered artifact
Gareth - Grandhealer - blood color - gold (Age: 13) Background story: Works at local pharmacy; Mom has cancer; went to Crystal’s house with promise of donation for Mom’s surgery.
Ryan - Spiritcaller - blood color - lavender (Orphan) (Age: 14) Background story: Was always alone in the orphanage; sneaks out; gets caught sleeping in shed.
Oliver -Thiefmaster - blood color- dark green (Age: 16) Background story: Got caught trying to steal the jewels in the wall of Crystal’s mansion for food; ranaway from home; lost SECRET: HATES Emilio

Chapter 1:


I met up with my BFFE (Best Friend Forever and Ever) at our bus seat after school ended, like always. Although, this day would be a little different. Today I was planning to invite Katheryn to my house for a playdate, since I knew Katheryn's parents didn’t mind. I had a bit of a little surprise in store for Katheryn.
“Hey!” I chirped excitedly as I sat down next to her, placing my expensive diamond-studded backpack on the seat next to me. “Wanna come over to my house for a playdate?”
“Sure, why not?” she answered with a wide grin that framed her freckled covered face.
Katheryn got off at my bus stop at my house. I heard gasps and mutters of jealousy from the rest of the kids on the bus, but I shrugged the comments off my shoulders and led Katheryn through the gate, waving goodbye to the (also jealous) bus driver as I did so.
“I never knew you owned a mansion,” Katheryn said, awed. I ducked my head and smirked. Poor girl didn’t know the half of it!
My guards kneeled as I approached and rose when I passed, once again taking their stances at my iron and jewel encrusted gate. When Katheryn crossed the threshold of the white-marble mansion, she look shocked as if a ghost was standing in front of us. (Not that I could see) Jewels and treasures lined the walls. She tailed me up to my room as if in a dream. A metallic voice then asked, “Password?
“Scarlet,” I answered. There was a click and the dark oak door swung open, bank-style.
That was apparently too much for Katheryn. She fainted on the spot. I snatched her up, swung her over my shoulder, and carried her inside as if she were as light as a feather.
My room looked as if someone had just snipped it out of a magazine. The walls glittered with sparkly, light scarlet paint. The flat-screen TV looked untouched, which was good, as this was where Kathryn and I were headed. Or, more accurately, I was heading there with Kathryn, against her measly little will. I gazed toward my closet, which looked like a plain old wardrobe at first glance but what is actually the source of power to entry of the Scarlet Dimension. That looked untouched as well. Everything is in order, I thought, satisfied.
I opened a drawer in my beautifully crafted nightstand and brought out a remote linked to the TV. But this wasn’t the channel-changing remote. Nu-uh. This was a remote for changing the Scarlet Dungeon lie-detector interior to a dull gray.
I pressed a bright-blue, circular button, and there was some clanging, which caused Katheryn to stir. I quickly shoved the remote back into the drawer and picked up my captive, stopping at my desk for my own, official, interrogation stationary and a pen.
The TV lifted up with a whrrr as soon as we got near and slammed down when we entered the Scarlet Dungeon, which linked the gateway to the Scarlet Dimension. I heaved Katheryn onto the dungeon’s cold, brick floor, with matching rough stone walls. I dug some smelling salts out of my designer pants pocket and waved them under Katheryn's nose. She stirred more forcefully this time, and a few minutes later she regained consciousness.
“Where am I?” she mumbled, shaking her head.
“A classified spot,” I said sweetly, dropping the friend facade. “Now, I’m going to need you to answer some questions. Ready?” Katheryn's full-on awake now.
“Crystal! What have you done?” she wailed, looking frantically around the Dungeon. “How could you do this?I thought you were my friend! Why deceive me? I am ready to answer whatever questions you have for me as long as you please don't harm my family!”
“Ah! Negotiating I see. Not quite roomy in that deal but very well then. First question: are you a spy?”
“Of course not. Do I look like 007 to you?” There was a buzz.
“Liar! Who is your boss?” I asked, my temper rising. Nobody talks about a corny spy movie in this mansion. No way, not on my watch! She didn’t hesitate.
“Elira Yamanos.” Hmm. Female. I wasn’t expecting that.
“Why were you sent to spy on me?”
“I was told to steal a precious treasure from your mansion.”
“Which treasure?”
“Nothing in particular. Just a treasure.” she said lamely. Buzz! Oh come on, that's the oldest trick in the book!  
“Liar! Tell me! Now!” I demanded, mortified that she would think that I’m that dumb.
“No!” she refused.
“Tell me!” I leaned so close she could feel my breath.
“NO!” She was desperate now, using all her might, trying, straining not to give in.
“Tell me. Now, Katheryn. Don’t tell me and I’ll torture you so much you’ll feel pain for the rest of your life!” I was serious about that too, and Katheryn felt it. Slumping against the cold, stone wall, she muttered something I wasn’t able to make out.
“What was that?”
“Your Honeymoon Crown,” she repeated, clearly beaten.

To be continued...


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  2. I love it! I adore how ALL of the characters have some kind of ability or power! This is my kind of series. Keep it up!

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  6. sorry. bit forceful but I love it did not go into the direction i expected. Maybe more on the scarlet dimension? CANNOT WAIT FOR CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!!!! Love it such a cliffhanger!

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