Stranded: A Short Story (Part 2)

Part II

November 17, 2084
They gave us more information about the trip and a couple known species, but that’s just it: those are the only known species. That kinda makes me scared... I guess that is the purpose of my job, and if no one else does it, I should. Yeah, I know I can do this!

November 20, 2084
They’ve started sending supplies down today. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s all really happening. We are also getting fitted for our suits. They’re supposed to leave room around you. It feels like a big bubble.

November 21, 2084
They’ve done a lot of lectures lately--I feel like they’re trying to make it out to be scarier than it is. The truth really is there's nothing to be scared of! I'm just a little nervous that's all.

November 22, 2084
I constantly feel like I’m going to throw up. I guess that’s good, being nervous. Better safe than sorry. I barely get sleep anymore, thinking about how my family misses me and diving...oh the diving. Other than training I’ve never dove before, especially with no possibility of getting up to the surface until the team gets there to pick us up. 

November 26, 2084
The trip down was great. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I am sitting on my new bed, which is surprisingly comfortable. Anyway I need rest. The first dive is tomorrow. 

November 27, 2084
This is amazing. I’m having the time of my life! We’ve already done a dive, and the creatures are amazing. I would probably write forever if I described them all. It’s so dark. I heard about how no light can come down here. It’s like a whole new shade of black.

November 28, 2084
We are set up to dive everyday and collect as much data as we can. There are 20 of us, all living in close quarters. We’ll drive each other crazy eventually, but for now we are getting along great.  We are divided into two teams: Team A and Team B.  Team B dives today. These are the most amazing species I have ever seen. One of them had two heads and a 20 foot long tail. Others hide in the sand and pounce whenever something gets too close. 

November 29, 2084 
Just finished our second dive, and had a great dinner, I believe I am the only one awake, although the captain’s snores aren't exactly convincing.   I don’t know, it’s kind of weird, we were supposed to get many transmissions from base, yet we’ve gotten none. I don’t know anymore, Goodnight. 

November 30, 2084
First supply “ship” came today. They are fast-moving submarines, but they are small, which means they can only carry enough food for five days. The food was fresher. Everyone ate well tonight.

December 1, 2084
It’s the start of the holiday season. I really miss my kids. They’re probably having a lot of fun, I’m just stuck, down here, stuck…

(To Be Continued...)


  1. This is so awesome! Keep it up! Can't wait to see Part Three!

  2. It sounds great! I can't wait for the next part!

  3. Wow! So mysterious! I love it! Cannot wait for the sequel.


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