AB: A Short Story (Part I)

By Cameron I

Ch. 1- An Unlikely Meet-Up
It was a dark and stormy night in England, just like any other cliche story's weather would be, and a man was walking alongside the road, trying to get home to feel safe once again.
See, he was petrified of the dark, and that was exactly what it was right now.
Pitch black.
The man was in his early twenties and had black, disheveled hair, and blue eyes, slightly wide and alert with fear. He was a wearing a distressed pair of jeans and an old, green hoodie.  As he was walking, he thought he saw something move in front of him, but it was far too dark to tell. He kept walking forward, slightly slower now.
He heard a sound, the distinctive sound of footsteps nearing him at a fast pace. As the enigma walked closer, the man walked faster. The figure was only a few yards away when he booked it, sprinting down the road at full speed.
He eventually slowed to a stop, and sat on a curb, pulling out his phone. He opened Textra™ and got ready to text his friend, but decided against it, not wanting to scare them. He locked his phone and quickly put it away.
“What is with you people and your phones?” a deep, annoyed voice said.
The man jumped a mile and looked around frantically, eventually finding the shadow, perched on top of a lamppost.
“I mean seriously, you're running for your life and you're like, ‘I know, I’ll put this on my Snapchat story,’ like that'll help you,” the figure explained, chuckling at the last part. “What’s your name?”
The man sat there stunned from fear, relaxing a bit at the figure’s joke.
“W-William... you’re American”, he said, quickly trying to divert the questions away from his personal life.
“You're British,” The figure replied, “Mine’s Adam, if you were wondering.”
Adam jumped off the lamppost, into the light it was giving off. He had bluish green hair, pointed to a tip in the front. He was more ink than skin, black tattoos covering most of his arms and neck. Adam wore a white t-shirt with black jeans. Not to mention, he was a teenager, not older than 19.  
He walked backwards, slowly, eventually turning around and walking at a normal pace. William just stood there, confused at what had just occurred.
“Well, you’re coming, aren’t you?” Adam said, not once looking over his shoulder.
He debated going with him in his head. He wanted to know more about this man, but he also didn’t. Part of him would much rather stroll on back to his house and relax with a movie. Finally, his curiosity got the best of him, and he ran after Adam.
He barely made it 20 feet before an arm reached out and grabbed his jacket by the hood.
“For a second, I didn’t think you were coming,” Adam said, a bit relieved. “Have we met before? Nevermind, a few orders of business to get through,” Will nodded.
Adam grabbed his wrist, pressing his finger to the vein, causing a slight amount of pain. When Will got his wrist back, he saw a flash of light green, but it faded quickly,
“What was that?” he asked.
“All in due time”, Adam said, punctuating the sentence with a boop to William’s nose.
“Okay, now we just have to fix that,” Adam said, gesturing to Will.

Ch. 2- The Penthouse
They had been walking for what felt like a few hours when Adam took William’s shoulders and turned him left into a building. He looked at the building in front of him, at least 20 or so stories high, and very expensive looking.
Adam lead Will inside the building, greeting the doorman with a silent nod and two-finger salute. They got into the lift and Ad pressed the button to his flat. Will saw that the button just so happened to be the last floor.                  
When they walked in, Willy immediately had his breath taken away. Adam’s house had to be a penthouse or a suite or something, because it was huge.
“Do you live with anyone?” Adam asked, bringing Will back to reality.
“No, I live alone, why?” Will replied, embarrassed for some reason. He was 22 and living alone after all.
“Because then no one will miss you while you stay at mine for a bit,” he answered.
“Come on,” he gestured for William to follow.
They walked over to a bedroom with a walk-in closet inside.
“This is your room, feel free to take any clothes, and by that I mean take some new clothes. If you don't like any here, take some from the other rooms. We’ll proceed with the rest when we wake up. Oh… and enjoy the height of luxury,” and with that, he walked into the hallway and into a room a few doors down.
Willy-boy walked into the closet and picked out a pullover hoodie and some boxers for bed and laid out a white shirt, and jeans on a rocking chair next to the closet. He put on his pajama substitute and laid down.
“Well this has been weird. Oh, what tomorrow will bring,” he whispered to himself quietly before drifting off to sleep.

(To Be Continued...)


  1. Absolutely exciting! Can't wait to see Part Two!

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    1. Neither can I, actually. That's a good point, @Christopher'sSite. It looked readable to me before...


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