Konnichiwa: A Short Story (Chapter One)

by Nina N

Chapter 1

The glass on the window rattles as I slip on my socks.
“You have 15 minutes til the bus comes, Haruko!” Mom yells.
Hai!” I scream back. I scramble down the stairs to the kitchen table.
“Take some rice from the cooker,” Dad says.
Otosan, you better hurry! You’ve got to leave in 5 minutes,” Mom says, as she packs my sister Miori’s lunch.
“You gotta go now, Haruko. You don’t wanna miss the bus,” says Mom as she stands in the kitchen, preparing my lunch.
“Okay. I already have my stuff by the door,” I reply, as I rush to the door. The scent of roses start to fill my nose. I start to make a disgusted face. I turn to where the scent was coming from. It was coming from Miori, my sister.
“What’s that smell?” I ask, as I whip around. My loose, black as night hair swings around to rest on my shoulder.
“Oh, my pen pal, Amber sent this perfume to me last week before we moved. Apparently, it’s the newest kind in America,” she replies, as she walks in a model type way. I cringe a little. I turn to the door, grab my bag and small, lavender coat, and rush out the door.


  1. I love it! Great job! Keep it up! I can't wait for part 2!!!!! :)


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