Stranded: A Short Story (Part III)

By Alyssa M

December 2, 2084
We get to dive again tomorrow. Non-diving days are boring. We just catalog what we saw. It takes so long, and I just want to go back out there and discover some new things. Isn’t that what we’re here for? It all sounded so great in the beginning, all of that has changed over time. I feel tired constantly, and everyone else does too. I don’t trust the food, but it's all we have.

December 3, 2084
These creatures are getting weirder and weirder, darker and scarier. I haven't seen anything from the first dive, it’s all changing and twisting. There are flashes, dark flashes. They plague us on dives. Every time we go, the darkness creeps in. I never wanted to say this, but I’m scared.

December 4, 2084
I spent the whole day sleeping. The crew thought I needed it, and I really did. I feel much better. I know it won’t last long though. Everyone feels run down. I just want to talk to my family again.

December 5, 2084
Second supply ship came today. They come at intervals of five days. This time it came with a present from our families. I got a picture of my kids holding up signs saying We Love You. I want to go home more than ever now. Why did I even do this?

December 7, 2084
These creatures are getting darker and stranger, not at all as we expected. Some of the scientists are anticipating to pull us out earlier than expected. There is an air of uneasiness among the crew. This feeling is only growing stronger by the day.

December 10, 2084
The creatures that we have documented are piling up. Everybody is tired. Cataloging is just a chore now, I don’t even understand how these creatures are real. They scare all of us. Huh, the supply ship was a couple hours late. Wonder why I just realized that?

December 13, 2084
Strange radio messages came through today. Even though we are underwater, the messages usually come through clearly. Although today we could only catch bits of words:

    I s    comi

   Watch    o                     do         hear    me?

             It’s coming

December 16, 2084
The message has everyone on edge. It was so strange--the messages were clear even all the way down here. Other messages aren’t getting through. I think I’m worrying for nothing. The supply ship just came a day early. They were probably just warning us about that. Anyways I’m going to try and get some sleep.

December 18, 2084
Huh, the supply ship didn't come today. I wonder why? Probably will just come tomorrow. We have a lot of food, enough for a month at least. Anyway I don’t know why it came early last time. They’re just getting back on schedule.

December 20, 2084
It’s my birthday today, and it makes me miss my kids more and more. I'm expecting a cake when the ship comes, that’s what they told us. Everyone is celebrating even though I don’t want to. It just makes me sadder. I’m just going to go to sleep, I’ve been slacking on logging in the creatures.

December 22, 2084
Diving. Again, these creatures are dark and twisted. It’s like we are in another world, completely different than the beauty of ours. I thought.. I thought I saw a creature, shark-like and eating something…

It looked humanoid.

December 25, 2084
It’s Christmas. All crew are accounted for and having a good time. The mood still feels melancholy, despite the fun and games. I wonder how my kids are doing, I find myself thinking about them more and more. I wonder if they think about me..

December 26, 2084
Boxing day, I always took out all the boxes for their Christmas gifts and set them up to look like a castle, it was always our little joke.
We’ve spent a lot of time reminiscing about our families and the good ol’ days.

December 28, 2084
The date we’re supposed to go home was in May, 2085. Although the lack of supplies makes me feel that this would be sooner, the next supply ship that comes we’re gonna get out of here.

December 31, 2084
This feeling of impending death is starting to get to me. Hah, I use humor when I’m nervous. At least that what my kids told me. The supplies are steadily running out. Everyone is worried, including me. The team leader calls the lab everyday with no response. We only have hope left.

January 1, 2085
Diving resumes today, starting with my group. But...there's this blackness at the edge of each camera. You can’t look at at. It just disappears when you do. There’s nothing on the cameras when we bring them in. I’m going to try to get some sleep. These days, nobody can.

January 3, 2085
I swear I’m just paranoid, but I could see it--I really could! It was there in front of me. I know it was. But everybody thought I was seeing things. I’m so tired.

January 5, 2085
Off-diving days are getting too busy to write. These creatures, there are millions. The blackness is growing stronger now. It’s not just when we dive. The scientists told us the conditions were safe…maybe they’re wrong.

January 7, 2085
Finally starting to see more repeats, which means less to log. We’re all thankful for that. Although the walls feel like they are closing in on us. There is no relief, even when we’re diving. Still no signs of a supply ship. For now we have enough food, though it is worrying. I should try to get some sleep. Goodnight.

January 9, 2085
The light in the main room is blinding, it was never this way before, or...was it? I feel as if my eyes are playing tricks on me. It’s too calm. Argh my head is throb-

(To Be Continued...)


  1. So suspenseful! I got chills when I read December 13.

  2. Totally! I actually got chills throughout the whole story, especially the last entry. It makes me think that the diver got eaten or something by the humanoid shape. Dun dun dun!

  3. "It almost looked humanoid" FREAKED ME OUT


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