Top 5 Life Hacks

By Gaaya N

1. Do you find yourself spewing tears from your red eyes as your dead cell phone sits in the palm of your hand? Fear not! This hack will save you from this tragedy! Turn on Airplane Mode located in the Settings app. This will use your battery to its full potential, so next time, don’t fret when your best friend’s time is up!

Go into Settings to locate "Airplane Mode"

2. Have you ever wondered what would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse, and you had to survive? Well, today's your lucky day! you have any crayons around the house? Crayons are made of wax. Therefore, in dire situations, you can use crayons as candles. They will last around 30 minutes per crayon!

- First, peel off ALL parts of the crayon’s wrapper! (It can catch on fire, and you wouldn't want that, would you?)

- Next, get ahold of a lighter. (Have an older brother/sister/adult handle it) Before your crayon can catch on fire, you must melt the tip of the crayon completely or else it WILL NOT WORK!

- After melting you crayon's tip, again hold the lighter's flame close to what used to be the tip. (HOLD YOUR “CANDLE” AT THE BOTTOM OR ELSE YOU WILL BE BURNED)

- Then, after you candle has lighted, find a safe, fire-proof, container. ENJOY!!! You’ll be safe...for now...

Remember to ask for help from an adult before attempting this one.

3.  Have you ever been on a road trip? Everyone knows that after watching a movie on your phone and looking DOWN at the screen for a long period of time, it can lead to your neck aching! This can make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to doze off in the car. Solve this by doing the following:

- Grab a see-through plastic bag, big enough to fit your phone with some room left over.

- (HEADPHONE USERS THIS IS FOR YOU!) Cut a small hole in the bag, lined up with your headphone jack. (Not sure? Put your phone in first and using a marker, indicate where to cut the hole. Then, SNIP AWAY!)

- Now, time to put this creation to use! To use, put your device into the bag, lining up the headphone hole with the hole in the bag. Plug in your headphones through the gap.

- To attach, use some tape to seal the top of the bag to the car seat in front of you.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!
Simple and effective!

 4. Hey you! You there! Are you an artsy type of person? If so, READ THIS HACK! If not, don't bother--IT WILL NOT APPLY TO YOU! Having trouble finding the end of your tape? Well, I’ve got you covered! Use a paperclip to have easy access to your tape rolls! Interested and want to know how? It's simple: put your paperclip on the end of your tape. The metal will make the tape stick out, so it won’t seal itself closed! It’s genius, no?

Remember to replace the paperclip
each time you finish using the tape.

5. Hello, pomegranate lovers! What if I told you, you could make your own homemade pomegranate juice? It's simple!

- Insert pomegranate seeds into a ziplock bag after cutting a small hole into one of the corners. (Make the hole smaller than the pomegranate seeds)  

- Next, place a cup directly below the hole of the bag.


- After squeezing, you will be left with fresh pomegranate juice, free of charge!

Fresh, delicious, and healthy!


  1. Thanks Mr. Oh-Rose! I love it!

  2. This is helpful (especially the tape one)!

  3. It is pretty helpful! Really helpful, in fact!


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