Racing Extinction: Movie Review

By Nick S

     I just watched Racing Extinction, and it was halfway decent. The message they were trying to convey was good and inspirational, but their editing skills needed heaps of work. The pacing and story were confusing, they spent little time on each subject, and the characters were less than memorable.
     Now, I’ll give the movie credit where it’s due. The camera work was superb and delivered an amazing massage. The organized conservation efforts presented were amazing. However, there were many huge flaws. First of all, this was all illegal--no government support or acknowledgment. Also, the editing/sequencing of events was horrible. After each event happened, it went by like a flash with no opinion or recognition from the people doing it. Again, it had an amazing message, but it didn’t convey it effectively. It switched from animal to animal very quickly and didn’t give lots of background on any of them.
     As you can see, there were some production issues with the film, but it delivered a wonder message about preserving our feathered, scaled, and furry friends. 

I give this movie 5½ /10. If you are interested, here is the trailer: