The Love of Sunshine: A Short Story Written in Verse

By Cassidy P

Sunshine is what we feel
When we step outside into the summer day
And we know that even the darkest days have been
Turned into light
By this precious thing
We call sunshine
While even though at nighttime
The darkness comes
The sunshine goes and our hearts
Seem to sink
But the sun is a star
And while this star might be overcome by the darkness
The millions of stars in the sky shall shine brightly
To break through the night
And comfort us till dawn
When we shall awake to the birds singing
And the birds
They sing to welcome the sunshine
Into this world we call home
Because it is home
Which is why venturing through these woods
I know that I can count on the sunshine
And the earth to keep me safe
To protect me from the dangers
That this trip might bring
And since I started this trip
I had no idea that the wind
Could be so vicious,
That the trees could shake so mockingly,
That the birds could crow so hauntingly,
Or that the ground could crumble below you
At any second
Taking you into its depths
And swallowing you up
Like you had told it to before
Because when something as traumatic as the event
That your most loved one has died
You wonder why the earth has let this happen
Why the stars have taken what you love most
But then you realize that
Even though all seems lost
The sunshine has wrapped your loved one up
In a blanket of warmth
Where comfort and happiness and love
Will keep your loved one safe
And while my eyes have now been opened
To the meaning of her being taken away,
And while I now know
That she is wrapped in the sunshine
Safe and comforted and free of danger
I had started this voyage
Cross the valleys and hills
And through the forests and ponds
With just one goal in mind
And even though I now know
That I have found the only thing I need
The determination rages
And the hope keeps building
So now no one knows where I am,
For back home, they are all looking for me,
Searching for me,
But I am searching too
And I shall continue to search
On my own
For the only thing I have ever wanted,
Wished for,
And I might decide to just keep on going
And I might never find what I am searching for
But none of that matters to me
For when I finally seek the answers
The answers to everything I’ve been questioning
About my life
About this world
I may never be satisfied
And I may never turn around
For I have not looked back once
For the past seventeen days
And I will never tell
Not even the most trusted people I have ever met
Where I am going
Because I want to pursue my dream
Of seeking what I am after
And I have nothing to fear,
For the sunshine will protect me
And I may never return to where I once was
To the place that I started
Nor may I ever reach my destination
For I’m not sure exactly where it is
But the sunshine is my guard
And the sunshine will protect me
As the sunshine shall also protect her
And I will see her again
When the sunshine takes me away
And I float through space and time
To see her once again
For I am only a child
But being small doesn’t change a thing
For some might say the sun
Is just a star
And a light
And nothing more
But to me,
The sun is much more than that
For it is a protector
And a comforter
That brings happiness and safety
So I am confident
That this trip
No matter how long or dangerous it may be
Will not break me
Or bring me into danger or fright
Because the sunshine will blanket me
And it will one day bring me home
And though yes, I may never return,
You have not started the same trip as I have
And you are just a blank page
Which needs to be written on
And filled with a story
Just like mine
But my story has not been fully written yet
And it won’t be for a long time
And yours hasn’t been either
So may the sunshine protect you forever,
May it show to you its goodness
Because we will meet one day
In the sunshine
So let the sunshine guard you
And keep you safe
From now on
As it always has
And just promise me
That you will remember all the things
Which I have told you,
Yes, please
Just remember all of this
Not just for me

But for the love of sunshine.


  1. Awww! It's such a touching poem, and if you wanted to become a poet as well as an actress, this would definitely go in your prized poems collection. It's such a heartwarming story, and I L-O-V-E, love it!


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