Negative Effects of Social Media

By Author Unknown

Does social media have a positive effect on people? Social media is used throughout the entire world. 71 percent of the nation’s population uses some form of social media. Although social media may be a good source to communicate with your friends and family, it has its downsides. 

Cyber-bullying is the negative side of social media. Most teenagers have access to social media, which is the main reason why cyber-bullying happens. Cyber-bullying has occurred due to access to social media. 1 out every 2 teenagers in the United States uses Social Media. In this day and age, people have become dependent on social media for approval. People post what they are wearing, what they are eating and where they are.  People have been bullying others on social media by leaving hateful comments. Social media allows people to hide behind a screen.

When people receive these hateful comments, they change who they are so people will ‘like’ them. The victims of cyberbullying usually give in to peer pressure. Many of these victims have even died because of the comments that have been posted. 

 The majority of teens worldwide are addicted to their phones. A new study shows that people who use their phones for more than 5 hours have a higher chance of developing mental illnesses. 50% of teens prefer to text someone rather than talk face to face. 

We don’t need technology, we are dependent on it. Technology is taking over our lives. We have to think about the future and how technology can negatively impact it. Technology is worsening our society by eliminating real communication and increasing mental health issues. In the future, more people will become addicted to technology, and it will just get worse. Social Media is exacerbating the issue. 



  1. Wow, I never thought of it that way! Now I see why my parents won't let me have social media. It's taking over our lives!

  2. Same! Nice way of presenting your information! It's not just "cut and dry" like other articles I've read on different sites.

  3. I totally agree with you. This is why, once I was older and actually almost allowed to have social media, I really don't want it. It can really take a toll on your life in some pretty negative ways. Great job!

  4. When your mom dosent let you get instagram.


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