A Visitor at the Door: A Riddle

By Nick V

Read the following riddle.  See if you can figure out the answer without looking it up.  Comment in the space below if you think you've solved it.  The solution will be posted next week.

A Visitor at the Door
There is an Apartment building with 50 windows and 50 patios. One day a man knocks on an apartment door. A lady opens the door, and the man says, "Sorry, I thought this was my apartment." 
After he leaves, the lady closes the door and immediately calls the police. Why did she call the police?

Know the answer?  Comment below!


  1. If he thought it was his room, why did he knock on the door?

  2. I think it's because he knocked on the door from the patio! So he was on her patio and she didn't let him in so...


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