Deep in the Forest: A Story (Part 1)

By Farrown

       In a big valley, not far off a waterfall, lay a small and humble town that seemed to be almost abandoned. Inside the small town lived creatures that seemed almost human but had deer features such as hooves, tails, and ears. Their hair looked mostly human, and the top half of their bodies were mostly normal, too. They were called Washibas. One day, something was off, as a child was soon to be born. There were no birds or other animals in sight--not even the sound of a branch snapping. The whole place had an eerie feel, unlike the happy and bright mood that was typical of the place. 
       With fog slowly moving in, the creatures seemed unsettled. A crow’s screech broke the silence as the creature walked up to the well and tossed down the bucket, hearing it splash at the bottom. The creature looked up from the well into the fog as if it heard something. Suddenly, a branch snapped in the distance, and the creature ran. Behind the creature was the sound of a big animal running after it. The deer-like creature ran into the village, only to trip on a loose pebble and fall on its back. The creature looked into the fog as a large animal lunged at the deer--” 
       “And... you guys don’t need the rest,” the old Washiba said. 
       “Why?” Cleo asked, looking up at him. 
       “Well, because that’s how our war started with the wolves, but that's history now.” His eyes seemed almost empty for a second before Cleo broke the silence. 
       “Can I go outside?” she asked.
       The old Washiba sighed, “You know the answer to that. No." 
       “Why?” Cleo whined, “I should go outside like the other kids. Just because I have wings, unlike the other kids, doesn't mean anything!”
       “You're not allowed outside because the wolves are coming to the village today.” 
       Cleo went silent. “When?” she mumbled. Just then, a fellow Washiba yelled from outside.
       "They're already here,” said the old Washiba. “Hide Cleopatra!” Cleo ran into the kitchen, pulling up a tile and sliding into the small secret room. As her hooves hit the floor, she heard the front door slam open. Cleo quickly put back the tile, submerging her into the dark.

To Be Continued...