Student Opinion: Climate Change

By Paula A
This is an important message that needs to be heard. Every year, millions of pounds of waste are sent into the oceans, hurting many animals. Companies are cutting down billions of trees every year so that we have something to write on.  Factories are creating smoke that is killing people and animals. We need to do something before it’s too late. Climate change is melting the ice caps and damaging countless other things. 

Some people say that when we grow up we can find a solution to climate change. However, the solution has already been found, and nobody is doing anything about it, except for some kids who want the world that we grow up in to last. This past September 20th, thousands of people gathered in New York City to protest against climate change. They were there to raise awareness about this important problem.  What people don’t realize is that the products that make our lives easier are also making countless people and animals’ lives so much harder! Something has to be done to stop these things from happening. 

There is not much time left before the changes to our environment become permanent. Malala Youfsafzai said, “one student, one teacher, one book, one pen, can change the world. I live by these words and I will not stop fighting for me and my friend’s futures, not ever.” Think of her words and stop using plastic straws and bags. Get reusable water bottles. So don’t mind the extra work and just wash those dishes. It may be less convenient, but your extra effort might make a huge impact. Anybody can do it!