Valentine's Gift Idea: Send a Potato!

By Potatjoe

It’s your friend's birthday and you’re looking for the perfect gift. But you don’t know what to get them. You could get them a gift card, a picture frame, a book. But, there's one gift that shines above the rest. Something so magnificent that no other gift could possibly compare. Introducing the Potato Parcel! 
So, you’re probably wondering what this thing is. It doesn’t sound all that magnificent. It’s a potato… Just a little vegetable. But the Potato parcel is much more than a potato, it’s a potato no doubt, but it’s customized to be the perfect potato, with options to put a message on it, or a picture. So, you can have sentimental values of a family picture, but it’s on a potato. That’s pretty cool to me. I would buy it. 
There’s a potato on their site for any occasion too! Let’s go back to our friend's story. There’s a birthday bundle set on their website. What if it’s grandma's birthday? Get a nice “Potato postcard” which is a picture of your choosing on the potato. So you can get grandma a nice picture of you in the sweater that she knitted for you last year. What about a gift for your partner? Get them a “Potato Pal” which is a customized potato with your face on it. So your partner can carry you around wherever you go! Recently, they’ve even made classy gift wrap for their potatoes so you can send it in style. Every gift on their website is very inexpensive, with the most expensive being around $24.
Every product on their site has 5 stars and I've yet to find a negative review. This shows that their products are made with love and care. Plus, this product was on shark tank and got in so you know it’s good! And for every potato bought, they’ll donate even more potatoes to food banks. So for every potato you buy, you help out even more people than the person you’re buying a potato for. The site also makes sure that “100% laughter or confusion is guaranteed” 
Finally, you’re probably wondering what happens to the potatoes once they start going rotten. The potato parcel website says to plant them so you get even more potatoes. It’s genius! The never-ending joy of potato parcel is amazing. 
So what are you waiting for? Why buy a normal gift when you could buy a customized potato! All you have to do is go to for a potato today! Goodbye! And, have fun shopping for the perfect potato!


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