The Old Pictures

 By "Psychic Anxiety"

NOTE: This story may be short, but it is very creepy. Reader discretion is advised.

    Long ago, when I was just a kid, my friends and I went up to the mountains behind my house.

    It was a long walk, but we had fun. There was a small cabin at the top. Since it was already late, we decided to stay the night there.

    As we walked in, we shined our flashlights around. There were a bunch of old photos of old people. We flashed the lights at each one, making fun them.

    Soon we all went to sleep, tired, and ready to go home.

    I was the last to wake up the next day. The first thing that I saw was my friend, curled up in the corner, clearly upset.

    “Zane, what happened? Are you okay? Where’s Luke?” I asked, while shaking him slightly. He pointed to the walls.

    “T- the p- pictures..” he gasped out.

    That’s when I saw it, all the old pictures… were gone.

    There were just windows.