Getting Started With The Sims 4

By Totoro

Have you ever dreamed of building your own reality? Have you ever imagined living your life in someone else's shoes? Well, I've got the game for you: The Sims 4. Though it may seem overwhelming at first, The Sims is an amazing chance to make your dreams come to life. Read on to find out how to play! Note: this guide refers to the PC version of the game, so make sure that your computer has the appropriate hardware to run it properly.

The Sims 4: How-To Guide 😼

If you're wondering what the heck the Sims 4 is, let me tell you. The Sims 4 is a realistic simulation game. You can create your own character and build a house. You can live the life you dream of having. If you wanted, you could even have powers and be a witch/wizard! Here are some tips and tricks on how to play the game.

Creating a Character

The first step in playing the game is that you get to customize your own character!

Step One

As soon as you press the play button, it will bring you to a screen with a random character. Press on the face with your mouse, and it will show many options. What I like to do is take all the facial details off, such as hair and makeup, so I can fix the details of the face. Hover over the circles on the right of the face. There should be an x in the corner. Click that, and it will take off all the accessories, hair or hats. Then you can start fixing the face to your liking.

Step Two

Double click to get into detail edit mode, and you can really make your Sim detailed. Once you finish that, you can put whatever accessories back on your face and chose a hairstyle that you like. Now, click anywhere below the head. It will take you to outfits and other accessories, such as shoes, gloves, rings and much more! You can make an outfit by pressing on the dress/suit, the shirt icon and the pants icon. Once you press one of those, it will show many different choices. If you click on the rectangles at the bottom of the outfit you want, it will (usually) show different colors.

Step Three

Once you are done with your outfit, go on to the next! There are a few more outfits for different occasions such as swimwear, sleepwear, and a few more. Have fun with it! Go crazy! Make the person have green skin if you want.

Getting a House:

Once you get into the world the next step is to get a house!

Step One:

So once you press start it will take you to 3 different worlds to choose, Windenburge, New Crest and Oasis Springs. Just for an example, let’s say you decide to live in Oasis Springs. There are lots of houses and some plots with no houses. If you have enough money, the plots will turn green, which means you can buy it. If they have a grey diamond on top that means that someone already lives there. If you hover over the house, it will say the price and how many beds and bathrooms it has. Once you buy a house, press the arrow, and it will start the game.

Step Two:

The last step before you can play is decoration! Press the wrench and hammer icon in the top right. It will bring you to a menu where you can build. Press on the chair. Then press on the white line that says “All Items.” There are different categories to choose from for different parts of the house. Once you’ve finished that, it's time to move onto gameplay!

Tips for Better Gameplay!

Before you go off and play by yourself here are some tips!

  • When you meet someone click on them to introduce yourself! If you're nice, you can become friends!
  • When at public places, make friends, and you can write to them, text them and chat on the phone!
  • If you get a high enough romance rating, you can propose to someone, no matter the gender!
  • On the computer you can adopt a baby, toddler and child for 2,000 Simoleons.
  • Press on the fridge or oven to make food. Keep making it to increase skills and unlock better food to make!

Now go out and play some Sims 4!

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