Untitled Goose Game: Playing Guide

By Totoro

Warning: This guide may contain spoilers!

Starting off

This game is a game where you basically go around a town causing mayhem and havoc. Getting lists of things to do to ruin people's lives, at the end of the game you’ll understand why, so keep reading to find out.

List of tasks to complete

Once you start, it shows a goose coming out of a bush. It shows you how to play, depending on if you are playing console or computer. Once you figure out the controls (very easy) you have to pull open a gate, and the game starts. Once you open the gate you will see a lake that you have to swim across. Once you swim across it, there will be a little part of town. After you've explored, you'll see an old man's garden. To get in, you have to turn on the radio, so he will come out. Once the gate opens, it won't close again unless you close it.

Once you go near the entrance to the garden, it will say New List Added. You can press either tab or the three lines (on console), and it will bring you to the list. You go around the world doing all the tasks. Once you've got most of them done 1 or 2 more tasks will appear to help you move on. You'll see that instead of the gardener doing tasks he will be hammering a sign with a goose and an X in the ground. On the list, the new task says “Make the man hammer his thumb.” This step is mandatory. You will need to do it to get the next list. When he is about to hammer the nail, you will have to honk at the precise time. This will take the gardener by surprise, and he will hammer his thumb and hit the gate to the next area. Once the gate opens, it won't close again.

Outdoor Shops

Once you go through the gate, you’ll see a sort of shopping center. In this area, there is a boy, a shopkeeper, and a TV storeman. If you get anywhere close to the shop, the lady will grab a broom and shoo you away. Once you have done most of the things on the list, a new task will be added. Then, the lady will move from the store to the garage. She will open it to get a piece of chalk. Once she opens the garage, it will stay open unless you close it.

It tells you to trap the woman in the garage. Here is how to do it: Grab any item from the outdoor shop and run into the garage. Quickly run out and close it. She will stand there for a little and then go out the door through the gate. If you are having trouble putting everything into the shopping cart as one of the tasks, here is a hack! Close the garage on her and quickly go to the gate that she comes out of. If open, grab the trash can from nearby. Pull it in front of the open gate so that it is sideways. If done correctly, she should pace around the garage but not open the door to go through the gate. She will be stuck there until you move the garbage can. Now you can do all the tasks in a breeze!

How to do the garage hack

How to Download

If you want to play, you will have to download it. On Xbox, you can get it for free on Gamepass or just buy it in the store ($20.00). If you have a PC then you can buy it on Steam ($20.00), depending on when you get it on Steam, and if there is a sale or not.