Witch's Brew: a Spooky Short Story

 By Theresa

        “Bye, Melony. See you later!” Tracy called out.
        "Bye!" Melony replied. Melony was a beautiful 15 year old girl with long wavy blond hair and glowing skin. She was slender, tall, and had eyes as blue as the summer sky. Melony had just finished another day of high school, and she planned to go to Tracy’s Halloween party and skip Trick-Or-Treating. However, Melony really wanted to go trick-or-treating with her two best friends Ashly and Emma. Melony was only going to Tracy’s party because: 1, she was rich, 2, if she did not go, Tracy said she was gonna do something really mean to her, and 3, she was going to sneak out of the party and hang out with her friends instead. When Melony got home, she put her witch costume on and was ready to go out the door. “Bye, Mom. See you later,” Melony yelled so her mom could hear her from downstairs.
        “Bye, don’t stay out too late,” Mom shouted back. Melony was walking down the street, heading to the party, when all of a sudden…


        She heard a noise in the town cemetery. She took a quick glare at the entrance as she crept in. She looked all around and behind every single last grave, but there was nothing to be seen. Then, one of the gravestones erupted with light. She ran towards it and read what the glowing stone had carved into it:

“Agnes Willfall, if you're reading this, I want you to know when I return from my grave on Halloween, I will suck the spirits out of all the children until their bodies fall and hit the ground."

        "OH MY GOSH! This lady was a soul-sucking witch,” Melony said aloud with fear. Her ringtone suddenly broke through the heavy silence that seemed to hang in the air.

"Ding-a-ling! Ding-a-ling!" 

        “Oh, um, hi Tracy,” answered Melony, picking up her phone.
        "Are you coming?" questioned Tracy.
        “Coming to want?” Melony responded.
        “Oh, I don’t know... my Halloween party that started a half hour ago!” Tracy explained.
        “Oh my goodness, I totally forgot. I’m so sorry, Tracy! I’ll be right over,” Melony apologized.
        “Ok, but what are you even doing?” Tracy questioned.
        “Got lost,” Melony explained, her voice trailing off.
        “But you live like only thirteen houses away from mine, and my house has balloons and lanterns everywhere in my front yard. You couldn’t miss it,” Tracy answered, clearly getting annoyed.
        "Oh, that house...” said Melony.
        “Melony, stop playing dumb with me. You have been to my house many times!” Tracy answered.
        “I know I have, but I only came twice to help you with your homework, and it is just so dark,” Melony reasoned.
        “Again, lanterns in my front yard,” replied Tracy, exasperated.
        “Ok, ok... I’m on my way,” Melony replied.
        “Good. See you in five minutes,” Tracy hung up angrily.
        “Oh, great. Tracy's mad at me now, but there's no time for that. I have to find out why this gravestone is glowing,” Melony said curiously to herself.
        “I’ll tell thee why,” a voice out of nowhere said.
        “AAAAAHHHHHHH” Melony screamed, getting ready to run. The oldish ugly lady had pale green skin, a long pointy nose covered in pimples, long frizzy white hair that smelled like dirt, clothes as dark as a midnight sky, bony fingers with sharp long nails, and purple eyes.
        “I’m Agnes Willfall, the witch who sucks spirits out of kids just like you,” Agnes said, getting ready to say something else.
        “You're the witch, but how are you standing right in front of me? You're dead,” Melony said, shaking.
        “Well, on Halloween night, when there is a full moon, and a child like you comes near my grave and stands on it, I am released,” Agnes explained. All of a sudden, Agnes had a broom, a cauldron, and ingredients to cast a spell.
        “Time to see if I can still do magic. WITCH’S BREW DO YOUR JOB! TURN THAT CAT INTO A FROG! Yes, it worked. Now your turn,” Agnes said fiercely. “WITCH’S BREW DO WHAT YOU MUST! FREE THE SPIRIT, AND TURN THE BODY TO DUST,” Agnes said, screaming the spell. Melony’s spirit floated upwards to the sky, and her body fell hard to the ground. "Enjoy!” Agnes yelled, as she flew into the night sky.
        “What do I do?” Melony screeched, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Ding-a-ling! Ding-a-ling!"

        “Hello?” Melony was still able to answer her phone, somehow.
        “Hi, Melony,” Ashly responded in a cheerful voice.
        “Ashly, come to the town cemetery as fast as you can!” answered Melony, her voice frantic.
        “Why, are you alright?” questioned Ashly, starting to get nervous now.
        “Kind of... Just come please!” begged Melony.
        “Ok, Emma and I will be there right away,” Ashly explained.
        “Thank you!” Melony answered quickly. The phone went dead with an abrupt "beep!" 

        Ashley stared at the phone in silence. Emma was the first to speak.
        “Well, what did she say? Is she alright?” Emma said with worry.
        “She said kind of, so we should go fast,” Ashly replied. When the two girls arrived, they saw Melony’s body starting to turn to dust.
        “We're too late,” Ashly sighed sadly.
        “No, you’re not. I’m right here,” Melony shouted to surprise the girls.
        “AAAAHHHHH, b-but how? Are you a ghost?” Emma screamed in fear.
        “First off, I’m not a ghost. My spirit was freed from my body by a witch named Agnes. Second, Agnes flew into the sky with the spell to return my spirit, so I need you guys to help me,” Melony explained.
        “I don’t know about chasing after an evil witch that could also cast a spell on us too,” Emma said with worry and fear in her voice.
        “We’ll be glad to help you. Right, Emma?” Ashly said, trying to gently persuade her friend.
        “I guess,” Emma answered with a little attitude. Then the three girls (well, two girls and the spirit of one) began to search the town for Agnes and her spell book
        “Look, it’s Agnes! Let’s go,” Melony said. Emma and Ashly quickly distracted Agnes as Melony grabbed the book.
        “NO!” Agnes yelled.
        MIDNIGHT IS HERE, SO WE ALL SAY GOODBYE TO THE WITCH WHO ROAMS THE NIGHT SKY!the three girls recited in unison. Agnes was gone at least for a year, and everything was back to normal, except for one thing.
        “Ready?” Ashly and Emma asked.
        “Ready,” Melony replied.
        ALL IS WELL, AND EVERYTHING IS FINE! YOUR SPIRIT WILL RETURN AS  SO AS THE SUN SHINES!” the two girls chanted, casting the final spell. Then, the sun decided to peek out, and the girls knew that everything was back to normal.

Later that morning...

        “Melony, where were you?! I have been so worried!” Melony’s mom said as she hugged her.
        “Well…” Melony started to explain, 'til her mom cut her off.
        “Don’t worry about it. Just come inside,” Melony’s mom said. 
"Ding-a-ling! Ding-a-ling!"

        “Melony... Why did you not come to my Halloween party?” 
        “Uh Oh...” 

The End