"Love is Pointless" and "February": Two Poems

 By The Realist

High School Love is Pointless

High School love is really just teenage girls obsessing over boys

or birds flocking around food at the park

Why fall in love during high school when the chances of it lasting are less than 2%

Like a delicate egg

You’re always going to break up for some dumb reason

or some good reason

Cheating is a good reason.

The fact that college is in 4 months so boom you break up

that is not a good reason it’s just dumb.

High School Love is Pointless. You’re just going to get heartbroken.

So look for the red flags

And only date someone for prom


February is weird.

It could be 67 degrees and sunny one day and

17 degrees and snowy the next day.

And February has valentines day

so all the couples are obsessing over getting each other gifts

When friends give you gifts they give candy which is nice

And then there is the one kid who didn’t get anything from their friends or family so they are crying on the bus ride home

This is why May is better.