The Mysterious Stranger: A Short Story (Part 1)

By Pua and Hei Hei

Chapter 1: 
The Thunder Streak of the Stranger!  

        Boom, Boom roared the thunder of the night.

        I lay in my dark bed, terrified. I can feel goosebumps on my rough skin. I can’t fall asleep because of the tale of the Mysterious Stranger. People think it's a legend, but is it?! I think it might be real because of the signs in the town... Then I heard the BIGGEST clap of thunder of them all!

        “AHH!” I screamed. My parents barged in. 

        “What’s wrong Rose?” my mom asked.

        “The…” my teeth chattered. “The thunder!'' I screamed. 

        “Shhh! Lily is sleeping. Remember, she's 5, and you're 11, so please don't wake her up!” Dad said 

        “Try to get some sleep,” Mom said. “It will be better tomorrow.” 

        The next day, I woke up to a crashing sound. It was so loud and scary, but I was too tired to get up and check what it was. 

        Except, I was too concerned not to. I got up and went downstairs to go check on my parents. They were fine and so was the house. 

        “Did you hear that?” I asked. My parents just looked at me.

        “Rose, are you okay? Maybe you should go back to bed.” I went upstairs, and I didn’t know what it was.  A second later, my sister came on my bed and started smushing my cheeks. 

        “We have schooley smushy mushy oooh!” she started to sing. 

        “STOP!” I said in a stern voice. 

        “Fine!” she replied, stomping off to her room. After getting changed for school, I sat down to pour myself a bowl of cereal. I noticed something strange in the newspaper that lay spread out on the kitchen table. There was a photograph of this mysterious man. He looked a little scary. 

        Shrugging off the eerie feeling, I ran off to the bus stop, where I met my best friend ever, Kate. 

        “Hi!” Kate said. 

        “Hey!” I panted, out of breath. 

        “Ready for the first day of 6th grade?” Kate asked. 

        “Umm...” I blushed. “Well, sort of,” I said. Right then, the bus came up, and guess who I saw in the front seat? 

        “Hui,” said the bus driver as I ran to seat 17 where Kate was already buckled. 

        I whispered, “The Mysterious Man is our BUS DRIVER!!” 

        “Girl, what is up? Who is the Mystery Man?” asked Kate. 

        “A new guy. I think he’s a thief,” I said. 

        “That gives me the chills--maybe a nightmare or two,” replied Kate. As the girls were walking off the bus, they looked at the driver. He had a black hat that covered his dark brown eyes, a coat that touched the floor, and a small beard. The girls slowly walked past the bus driver (aka the Mysterious stranger) 

        “See you in lunch and 6th period,” Kate said, as she ran off to her first class.  

        “Bye... I guess,” I sighed.

Chapter 2:
Boy Trouble

        At lunch, Kate and I sat together at their own table when suddenly, 3 silly, and I mean silly, boys came to Kate and Rose’s table. 

        “Hi girls!” said one of them, as he spit on the table. Another one of them drank a whole milkshake and then burped and the other shy one drooled on the table.

        ”Eww!” I screamed. 

        “You guys are gross!” screamed Kate.

        Kate and I walked to another table with 7th grade girls who were talking about boys. 

        “Why does every single conversation have to be about boys?” I whispered to Kate. Kate just shrugged. After lunch, we had a free period, so we went outside to the flower garden. 

        “It looks like a rainbow just washed through here!” Rose blurted out 

        “Hey, I like the colors!” Kate said back. I snorted.

        Suddenly, The 3 silly boys came to the flower garden! 

        “What are you 3 doing here?” I snapped at them. I was really mad that they were messing up Kate & Rose time! 

        “I don't know,” said one of them. 

        “Messing around with you,” said the second one. The third one burped. 

        “Let's get out of here and go to 7th period,” Kate said in a rush. 

        “Yeah,” I said as we ran. 

To Be Continued...