SaTuRdaY ScAr3s: a Creepy Short Story

 By Alonna A

Have you ever had a dream that came true? Well, let me tell you a story about a boy named Benjamin. Benjamin was a 14-year-old boy who always had these weird dreams.  When he went to sleep, he had a weird dream, and when he woke up he started to notice everything in his dream was starting to happen in real life.

He always thought it was just a coincidence... until one night. On this very night, Thursday, October 28th, he was getting ready for bed and drifted off to sleep like he did every night, but was tonight a good idea to sleep? While Benjamin was asleep, he felt a nudge, and he woke up. Surprised he was in a room where he couldn't see a thing, he crawled around the floor trying to find out where he was. Eventually, he found a flashlight and turned it on. He found a door and opened it. That's when he found out he wasn't in his own house. He crept forward, trying not to make a sound. 

Suddenly, he heard the nursery rhyme. 

“Mary had a little lamb,” he said quietly. He followed the sound of a little doll in a box singing. She looked like a real girl. The doll slowly started to move its eyes, locking them with Benjamin's. He slowly moved closer to the doll. 

Then the doll said, “Benjamin please open my cage. I'm stuck and can't get out!” Benjamin looked at the cage, which read Poppy.

He said to the doll, “How do you know my name?” The doll didn't reply. 

“Please open my cage!” she repeated in a high-pitched voice. Benjamin looked around the cage and found a key. He opened the cage. 

When the cage door opened, the doll laughed and said, "My name is Poppy! Thanks for opening my cage, friend." she giggled. Just then, the lights in the room went out. When the lights turned back on, the doll was gone. 

“Oh no,” Benjamin said. "What should I do?” He saw a red light come out in the hallway. In the red light was the doll. Moving slowly, Poppy started to get closer to Benjamin.

Benjamin ran out of the room and dashed into a closet. He had lost his flashlight. He searched around the room for a light switch. He found it and turned it on but then as soon as he did he saw a pool of red by his feet. He turned around to see what it was. Startled, behind him was a pile of little girls staring at him. Now he knew why the doll looked so real.

He asked them what they were doing, but they just said, “Wake up before it's too late.” Then they looked at the door and pulled him into a little hatch under them and said, "He needs to wake up now." He crawled around the hatch and found another room where Poppy was. She started to sing “Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb...” 

“Hehe!” she said in a raspy voice. "Now it's time to play!” Benjamin ran out of the closet as fast as he could. He told himself “Wake up! Wake up!”  

Benjamin gasped for air. He couldn't believe what had just happened. Soon enough, he started to walk around a bit and found a strange room. As he went into the room, he found a small white light. He tried to take down the wall, to open up the path. Benjamin kicked the wall down and walked into the light. When he went through he woke up, sweating. He was just relieved that he was back. He felt like it was so real. Luckily, his clock read 7:00 am, so he went on with his day as if nothing happened.

A week later, his mom called him down. 

He went down and his mom said, “Hey I found this new place called Poppy's playhouse. Wanna go for your sister's birthday?”

The End..?