Escape the Ayuwoki: A Short Story (Part 1)

            By RBIChamp55


You wonder, what's that?  You hear a Hee hee.

“Michael Jackson?”

You don’t see a thing, but you find a flashlight. You turn it on and see that you are in a room that looks like it's been bombed. The couch was moved and flipped over, the dresser is broken, but you get out of the room. The lights flicker.

“Hee Hee”

You find a hiding spot and Michael Jackson (Ayuwoki) is crawling around the floor like a complete lunatic, and you’re safe. You find a key and you think, This might be useful later. 


When you are in the open, you see a large burlap sack hanging from the ceiling.

“What happened to him?” you wonder. You walk into the most open space in the place, and you realize you're in Michael Jackson’s mansion: The Sycamore Valley Ranch.

“No wonder this place is a dump,” you say.

“Hee Hee.”

You notice the lights flickering. As MJ gets close, there is a screechy ringing scratch sound, and you hide under the table. You hide behind a cabinet, and you turn off your flashlight. He crawls very fast down the stairs and stops with his head right next to you. You sweat like crazy, and you hold your breath. He looks left but doesn’t look right.  You think you are as lucky as you can be. You go back up the stairs, and you hear a girl crying. You walk toward it, but then she screams, and you run down the stairs, and Ayuwoki crawls down the stairs and you hide under the table. He runs past you and then he starts to look across the room but forgets to look under the table when he realizes that you have a feeling he is coming back. You are able to crouch into a cabinet.

You find multiple doors, and your key doesn’t work on any of them. Then you realize there is one door you haven’t tried. The front door. You go to try it out, but Ayuwoki is coming, and you run up the stairs to hide in a cabinet on the balcony. The Ayuwoki looks in the cabinet that you're hiding in. You have nowhere to go. Ayuwoki is looking right at you, and you think it's the end of the line.

Part 2 coming soon…

Note: This story was based on a game called Escape The Ayuwoki.To play the full game, download it on Steam.