ChatGPT vs. Humanity: Part 1

 By Karen Typewriter

One of the following stories was written by a student, while the other was generated by an AI program called ChatGPT. Do you think you can tell the difference? 

Read both and vote in the Google Form below.

Story 1

One day, Danny was sitting in his room. He had just finished studying for his math test. Suddenly, his phone rang. Naturally, he picked it up. It was his friend from the same math class. His friend said that he was having trouble with the unit. After helping him, he remembered that he saw a bunch of other kids in his class struggling. Then, he had an idea. 

Danny worked day and night to make it. He called his creation “The Sparta Spirit”. He wanted kids to have freedom for what to do. It could be anything: dates for the school play, interesting news around the school, or, what initially inspired him, it could even help kids study. After days of working, His online newspaper was complete.

Story 2

Once upon a time, in a small town called Sparta, there was a young boy named Jake who had lots of curiosity for the world around him. One day, while surfing the internet, Jake noticed that there was no local news outlet that covered the news in his town. Inspired by his love for writing and his desire to inform his community, Jake decided to start his own online newspaper called "The Sparta Spirit." With determination, Jake researched, interviewed, and wrote articles about local events, community news, and inspiring stories of people in Sparta who were making a difference. He even taught himself basic web design to create a user-friendly website to publish his articles.

As the months went by, The Sparta Spirit gained popularity in the town, and soon became the most popular source for news and information in the community. Jake's passion and dedication shone through in his writing, and he quickly became famous as a talented young journalist. His articles were shared on social media, and people eagerly awaited each new edition of The Sparta Spirit. Jake was even invited to cover local events and interview important community members. His online newspaper made a positive change in Sparta. Jake's dream of creating a platform to inform and inspire his town had come true, and he continued to pursue his passion for writing, knowing that The Sparta Spirit was just the beginning of his bright future as a author.