Theatrics: a Poem

 by Anonymous

The red curtains swing open, blinding white lights bombarding my sight.

I had spent my entire life practicing and rehearsing this role, berating myself at night for forgetting even the most miniscule lines.

The play went off without a hitch, putting on a demanded grin to appease the audience.

My movements were graceful and followed each step according to plan.

My expression was full of warmth and pure excitement, but my eyes were a blank charcoal. An uncanny resemblance to the night sky, glittering with tiny specks of glows.

A heavy wave washed over me, like a pillow was smothering me to death.

My head was throbbing intently, like a horde of people were screaming and pounding against my temple.

I froze.

I couldn't remember my next line.

I couldn’t act, the emotion on my nothing but a blank gaze.

The audience stared slack-jawed at me, murmuring intently and gossiping.

I didn’t want anyone to be concerned, or exasperated, or humiliate me for feeling- forgetting this way.

I needed to put back on my mask, my happy, upbeat mask and resume the theatrics that would forevermore consume my play.