Movie Review: Ran (1985)

 By Jagger N

The following is a review of a 1985 film called Ran. It was directed by Akira Kurosawa and is widely regarded as a cinematic classic.

Absolutely beautiful film. A piece of art with color use unlike anything I've ever seen before. I wish I could live in this place despite all of that fire and fighting, just seeing that landscape in real life would put you in a trance.

As well as that, this narrative is also beautiful. A masterful retelling of Shakespeare's King Lear. A grand story that is huge in scale to match the actual scale of the rest of the film. So thoroughly entertaining as well. 

Definitely makes me want to watch more Kurosawa as this left me dumbfounded and really made me have a realization moment as to this other layer of film that I had yet to discover.

This makes the debate of Kurosawa being the best director ever make total sense. This is a revolutionary film that went on to alter cinema as we know it.

A truly breathtaking masterwork

Rating: 99.5/100

Editor's Note: Please be aware that this movie is rated R, so parental guidance is advised.