Weird Instagram Profiles

By: Jensen M.

Ahh, Instagram: a world of funny pictures, DIYS, and celebrities. However, there are some profiles that contain some of the scariest and weirdest stuff in the world. There are some profiles that can make have nightmares till you’re 30. So strap in!

First we have Lil’ Miquela. Now this person has blown up with fun photos, great clothes and her new hit single “Not mine,” but you’ll see what makes people really creeped out is her photos.
Lil' Miquela

Now as you can see: SHE’S NOT REAL! Yes, we have a fake Instagram star! As her photos have spread, theories have started popping out of nowhere. More people seem to think “maybe she's a girl with digital editing.” Now, that one seems like the most believable, but there are a lot more.
What about the theory that she's a robot or hologram? I mean, they have the technology to do that. One of the most famous singers in Japan is a hologram musician named Hatsune Miku. 

Hatsune Miku performing "live" in concert

People began saying that Miquela was a Sims project, or just a marketing tool for a company that wants to sell stuff. What better way is there than to make a fake model and make her say to buy stuff on social media? Like, she does shout-outs to singers, clothing companies, candles, sunglasses, makeup,and even more. She's just like the Youtuber, "The Wonderful World of Zoe."  Everyone thought that she was a fun loving girl that loved to laugh, but it turned out to be a big scam! Zoe was made by a company to sell stuff to kids. 

"The Wonderful World of Zoe" on Youtube

Now here is the biggie: we also think that the real girl is on Instagram, too! Millions have compared her to a bunch of other models. Some have even considered that she may be an artist as a big art project. Either way, she scares me, and I bet she scares a lot more people too. Even studies have shown that something digital that looks too much like a real person makes people feel uncomfortable. 

When something looks too human, it can creep us out. 
This effect is known as the "Uncanny Valley."

That's all for now, but we're just getting started.  Check out my next post for some more bizarre profiles from the strange corners of Instagram.  

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  1. Nice article! Keep it up!!! :)

  2. In the beginning you forgot internet wars too.

  3. I've heard of Lil Miquela, too. She freaks me out!


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