Minecraft: A Hacked Matrix

By Gaaya N & Chloe B

If you play Minecraft and enjoy fighting fearsome monsters in Survival Mode or unleashing your inner architect in Creative Mode, be wary, as deep within Minecraft’s code lies a hack, one that could release your Minecraft world and the rest of your data into the “void.”
Now, don’t worry, Herobrine doesn’t spawn. You don’t have to watch out for that ghostly virus. If you’re searching for a new look, select your Minecraft skin carefully, or else face the wrath of some of the greatest hackers in the world.
Since April 17, 2018, there have been 50,000 Minecraft accounts (and counting) that have been infected with the skin virus, according to alphr.com. A cybercriminal might be the best choice for you fantasists out there, but the reality is bored, inexperienced players looking to be amused.
The problem with this virus is that parents believe Minecraft to be safe. 43% of Minecraft’s users are under 21, including Gaaya and I. Mojang isn’t screening each upload for a virus. Since parents believe Minecraft is safe, no one will look at what you’re doing on your computer. (Cough, uploading a virus, cough.) Some users believe that anything downloaded from the Minecraft website is safe. Maybe us Minecrafters should be more careful from now on. Infection numbers are small compared to the number of Minecraft players.

As of April 17, there are three known virus-infected skins

If you’ve downloaded the skins above or similar skins,
RUN A SYSTEM SCAN RIGHT AWAY. Infection results usually include unusual messages in your Minecraft inbox. If you get messages with curse words, you have been infected. To protect yourself, run antivirus scans on your system.
In the past, like the 2016 Minecraft hack, passwords have been stolen and accounts have been hacked, according to NBC News.
According to anonymous sources, on the official Minecraft website, there is a skin download. It offers new and unofficial skins to viewers. If you download a virus, it WILL be released onto your device and there is a chance of computer data termination. DO NOT fall for it.
As we speak, Mojang is fixing this issue and the virus will soon be killed. Until further information is provided, stay safe, and try not to click unnecessary links outside of the world. Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, Minecraft will be upended by a new generation of hacking.
Be careful, fellow Minecrafters, and beware this hacked matrix…


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