The Top 7 Youtubers of 2017

Top 7 YouTubers of 2017
By: Nina N.

YouTube--A place where you can share videos with other people. Sometimes, one video can cause a HUGE commotion! The more they post, the more people come to watch. This is the list of the top 7 YouTubers of 2017.

Ryan Higa
7. NigaHiga
NigaHiga, or Ryan Higa, has about 19.3 million subscribers on his main channel. He also has a second channel called HigaTV which has almost 5,000,000 subscribers. 

Luis Fernando
6. Fernanloo
Fernanloo or Luis Fernando {Flores} Alvarado has about 24,000,000 subscribers on his channel. He does gaming and other fun and random things.

Evan Fong
5. VanossGaming
VanossGaming, or Evan Fong, has about 24,000,000 subscribers as well. He does gaming on his channel. 

Ian and Anthony
4. Smosh
Smosh, or Ian and Anthony, have about 22,000,000 subscribers. But, in June of 2017, Anthony announced that he was leaving the group. 

Rubén Doblas Gundersen
3. ElrubiusOMG
ElrubiusOMG, or Rubén Doblas Gundersen, is another gamer who has about 23.5 million subscribers. 

Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis
2. Germán Garmendia (HolaSoyGerman.)
Germán Garmendia "HolaSoyGerman," or Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis, has about 32,000,000 subscribers on his channel. He is a German-speaking YouTuber who does singing, writing, and more. 
Go subscribe and watch his videos!

And now…. The YouTuber with the most subscribers and most viewers is……….


PewDiePie, or Felix, has almost 58,000,000 subscribers! Isn’t that insane? He has posted about 16 billion views! He is a Swedish YouTuber and has an Italian girlfriend named Marzia, whom also has a YouTube channel. Felix's Channel!  Marzia's Channel!

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