Horoscope: January

By Sarah W & Nate R

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ARIES March 21st-April 19th:
Aries, you will have a family emergency or find love in your near future. This year will start off rough and end great. click here for more facts about Aries

TAURUS April 20th- May 20th:
Taurus, you will start off the new year with good luck, and it will stick with you until a sickness comes. click here for more facts about Taurus

GEMINI May 21st- June 20th:
Gemini, your style will become very popular and your friends will start wearing it too. click here for more facts about Gemini
CANCER June 21st- July 22nd:
Cancer, you will be a strong leader and have good health throughout the year. click here for more facts about Cancer

LEO July 23rd- August 22nd:
Leo, animals will love you and start to be on your side. Your luck will continue forever. click here for more facts about Leo

VIRGO August 23rd- September 22nd:
Virgo, you will become very famous and rich. However, it will come at a great price. click here for more facts about Virgo

LIBRA September 23rd- October 22nd:
Libra, you will fall for the love of your life, and it works out! You get a great job. click here for more facts about Libra

SCORPIO October 23rd- November 21st:
Scorpio, You will come into a great deal of money and waste it on something it’s not worth or you will get food poisoning.  click here for more facts on Scorpio

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd- December 21st:
Sagittarius, you will be lonely forever or drop out of school. click here for facts about Sagittarius

CAPRICORN December 22nd- January 19th:
Capricorn, you will become poor or get a pet unicorn.🦄 click here for more Capricorn facts

AQUARIUS January 20th- February 18th:
Aquarius, you will get a big surprise of goodness and luck of all sorts. click here for facts about Aquarius

PISCES February 19th- March 20th:
Pisces, you will lots of your favorite food for a cost, good or bad. click here for Pisces facts


  1. "Never betray a Capricorn." I like this; this is awesome! I've always wondered what my Zodiac symbol was!


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