All About Corgis

by Sarah W

All about Corgis

You probably have seen the GIF of the little swimming Corgi,
that’s what most people think of when it comes to Corgis. But Corgis are so much more! Their
stubby little legs or puppy eyes will melt your heart!

What Corgis Eat- You may think “They’re dogs they eat dog food.” Well here’s a plot twist,
not only do they eat dog food, but most the time their owners feed them yogurt or 
cottage cheese. In fact, it’s good for them because it helps them become stronger.
  What Corgis Like to Do- Corgis are very easy to train and are very playful. People don’t expect
this, but they’re originally herding dogs. Imagine a little Corgi herding up a bunch of goats or
sheep. Corgis are really good with kids because they’re so gentle and loving.
  Just How Stubby Corgis Are-The most common type of Corgi, Pembroke Welsh Corgi,
are 10-12 inches tall, and that’s fully grown. If you don’t know how tall that is, a Lab is 22-24
inches! That’s almost 2 Corgis on top of each other! Plus if you think that Corgis are super
small now, look at this.

 Funny Facts About Corgis:
  • They love to swim, even with their short legs
  • They have super fluffy butts
  • They love to sleep
  • They’re super fast
  • They absolutely love to play
  • Queen Elizabeth has 5 corgis named Susan, Honey, Sugar, Whiskey, Sherry, and Bee (That is 6 names because one sadly died, and I don't know which one)
  • A lot of people confuse them with Chihuahuas (but they’re so much better)
  • If you breed them with other dogs they come out like this dog- (it’s full grown too!)

  • “Sploot”-  Corgis don’t sit, they sploot. Have you ever seen your dog lay down with their legs behind their back? That’s splooting, and Corgis don’t sit. They only sploot!
  • Momo- Corgis butts are super fluffy! In Japanese the word momomeans peach, and that’s what they call Corgis butts.
  • FRAP- Corgis FRAP like it’s their job! FRAP stands for Frenetic Random Activity Periods.
  • Shedding- Corgis shed a lot! Sometimes they can shed almost enough fur for second coat in 1 week!!!

That concludes our Corgi information for now, but there will be more!


  1. it's so fluffy i'm gonna die!!!!!!!!!

  2. i LOVE corgis. they're my FAVORITE breed of dog for being SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

  3. I LOVE CORGIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Kyleigh Johnsen, it's also my favorite breed of dog!


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