Springtime: A Poem

by Cassidy P


Once it was winter
And before that was fall
But springtime is my favorite season of all.
I’m tired of cold
Of leaves on the ground
But when springtime comes,
I dance all around!
I put on some shorts
And then a T-Shirt,
And then when I run outside, I blurt,
“Springtime is here!
Let’s all be glad!”
Because springtime certainly is not at all bad.
The flowers that bloom,
The grass that grows green,
As if they are things that I haven’t yet seen.
The birds sing in the morning,
The warm rain begins pouring,
And all of the things that I am adoring,
Seem to be happening all at once,
And while summer brings the shining sun,
The springtime is what I believe is most fun.


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