#hacker: a story (part one)

By Chloe B


All Rights Reserved Copyright 2018

Dedicated to hackers across the globe:
“Hacking is not a villain’s play. It is like fire, and can be used for destruction or comfort.”
—Nightmare (nigh7m4r3)

      Meet Lucinda McIntyre. Codename: Nightowl (nigh70wl). You may say, “But why does she need a code name? It’s not like she’s like a hacker or anything.” Well, guess what? She is. And nobody knows it.
      Not even her most trusted family.
      But Lucinda wasn’t only a hacker. She was an electronic genius. She could design any electronic device and make it work in no time. It was like magic.
      Lucinda was one of the worst hackers because she was one of the best. Even her friends didn’t know it, and that’s what Lucinda felt worst about.
      So, like anyone else would, she told her friends. Her friends, who she trusted with her life. They rejected her. They left her in the dust, so unbelievably fast that even Lucinda was spinning in a whirlwind.

      Lucinda became lonely and isolated. But then she found out about the Hackers’ Guild at school and she joined it.
      The Guild hacks for good, but an organization in Evlonia hacks for evil. The Hackers’ Guild receives threat after threat from it, and they decide to take action.
      Unfortunately, Lucinda gets captured while doing so. To rescue her, this group of hackers must risk everything in the process. Problem is, if they rescue her, everyone—and I do mean everyone—will know who they are.

Chapter 1

      I was shaken from sleep on Monday by my older brother Sam, who said softly into my ear, “Wake up, Lucy. You’re going to miss the bus.”
      At that, I shot out of bed like a rocket. Shutting Sam out of my room for privacy reasons, I got dressed quickly. Here’s how I did it:
      I pressed the button on the E-remote (electronics remote), and my closet automatically slid out to reveal a marvelous display of clothes and fancy outfits.
      “Echo,” I called to my Dot, “what’s the weather in Angelwood, Virmonta today?”
      “The weather in Sparta, New Jersey today is partly sunny with mostly cloudy skies. Today, you can expect a seventy percent chance of rain, with a high of thirty-one and a low of twenty-eight,” came her mechanical voice.
      I groaned. “Closet, pick out something warm,” I commanded. “Then bring forth my jacket, scarf, hat, and earmuffs.”
      The machine whurred a little, then pushed a soft sweater and a pair of my favorite pants forward. Behind that were the items I requested afterward.
      I didn’t have time to thank it. I got dressed at the speed of light (or at least close to it) and bolted downstairs, so much in a hurry that I forgot to eat a proper breakfast. I grabbed a Pop Tart and dashed out the door, grabbing my backpack along the way.
      “Bye everyone!” I yelped, swinging my backpack onto my shoulders. I barely had time to put on my winter gear before the bus arrived, and when it did, I walked up the steps and plopped into the seat I shared with one of my best friends, Alla.
      “Hello, Lucinda!” she said cheerily. “How are you today?”
      “Good!” I answered. “Why are you so chipper this morning?”
      “Couldn’t sleep. Too excited to see who would win!” she replied. I tilted my head.
      “For what?” I asked, puzzled.
      “The hacker competition today,” she answered. “How could you not have heard of it?!” I shook my head, thoroughly confused.
      “Alla, you’re not a hacker,” I told her. But I am, I silently added inside my head.
      “Yeah, I know. But everyone’s going. The Hackers’ Guild enters the competition, and the emcee gives them a set of scenarios they have to work their way through individually. Any types of help and they are automatically disqualified.”
      “Wow,” I responded, impressed. But her words hit a sore spot inside my heart. I realized I wanted to join this Hackers’ Guild, but I didn’t know how to make myself known.


      The bus arrived at school, and all the kids filed off. Alla and I waved to our other friends, Suzy and Hazel, from across the sidewalk. They tried to reach us but couldn’t make it through the throng of students. We smiled and started making our way over to them instead.
      We reached them, and the first words out of Hazel’s mouth were, “So, did you guys hear about the hacker competition? Everyone’s going! Suzy and I are but I don’t know about you guys. You guys going?”
      “I’m in,” Alla answered. “Lucinda, you in?” I took a deep breath and forced a smile on my face.

      “You can count on me. I’m in.”

To Be Continued...


  1. Oh, this is not gonna be a short story, guys.

  2. Very intriging, Chloe! I can't wait to read more! P.S. I love the name you chose for your best friend :))

  3. I know; it's Russian, isn't it?

  4. I know first-hand, this is gonna be a long story, stick around everyone! :)

  5. Need..more! *Scrolls to the bottom* "Finally, I'm almost done with the story!" *Insert cliffhanger* Stares in horror at the last sentence!


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