Mangy Fox: A Poem

By Dagney B

I'm very sorry
Mangy Fox
When you died
on my parent’s friend’s porch
lying limp on the front steps
wet old fur bristled like a rake
Thrown in the woods
with no memories stuck with

I collected your clean white bones
all teeth, toes, and spine
putting them in a
yellow shopping bag 
under my reptile shelf
for safekeeping
all through the silent night

all day, every day
under that same old brown shelf
protecting me all night
from what could come out
With the shadows too dark
Dark as midnight
Not knowing and not seeing
What was lurking inside 

from what I remember,
your dull fur all patched at a thunder cloud tint
your large black beady eyes
staring at me until they decayed
your impressive stare
worn away by rot
oh how I will miss you

Old Mangy Fox


  1. Just... wow. It is so full of imagery and I had a movie in my head as I read this, this is so well done.


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