Doll House: A Play

by Draco



Penelope - Blond hair on one side, purple hair on other side; Face paint; stubborn

Trevor - Brown hair; blue eyes; bossy

Mom - Blonde hair

Dad - Straight black hair

Sister - Red hair, bow, bossy

Brother - Blonde hair, blue eyes, buff

Little Girl

Scene 1

Narrator: Our story starts in a 7-year-old's room who is cleaning her dollhouse. Once she leaves, the dolls start fighting.

Penelope: Brother, it's your turn to clean the dishes. I did them yesterday!

Brother: NO! It's sister's turn. I did it the day before, Penelope.

Sister: FINE! If you’re going to be so immature *rolls eyes*

Narrator: In Sister’s attempt to take her anger out, she kicks the gumball machine over, and as it shatters, she storms off to the kitchen.


Dad: (sternly) Listen to your mom! *another dish smashes*

Scene 2

Narrator: Penelope is lying in bed when she hears the girl coming into the room. She is holding something that looks strangely like a doll

Penelope: Mom, what is she holding?

Mom: A new recruit. Now shush and get in position.

Narrator: She comes over and puts the doll in the house. Then she leaves.

Mom: This is the new recruit to the house, his name is Trevor.

Penelope: *coldly* Hello, Trevor.

Trevor: Hello, you must be Penelope! The girl told me about you.

Mom: Well, get comfy because... Penelope… You're going to be marrying him…

Scene 3

Penelope: THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING! *screams*

Mom: Penelope, calm down!

Trevor: Hey, we can make this work. Our wedding is tomorrow, and today we have to bond.

Penelope: Just because your my “husband” *rolls eyes* doesn't mean we are even talking to each other.

Mom: Listen, the little girl is very sick. I see she doesn't have much hair and is in the hospital a lot, *sigh* please, Penelope, do it for her sake.

Narrator: The mom is right, the little girl indeed was diagnosed with cancer, a deadly illness. She didn't have much time but wanted to have a wedding with her dolls. Her last wish was that the dolls lived happily.

Penelope: Fine! *storms upstairs*

Trevor: *goes to Penelope's room* *knocks* Hey, I am here for the bonding.

Penelope: Come in.

Scene 4

Narrator: It is morning in the house.

Penelope: I love you.

Trevor: I love you, too.

Mom: Well, what has got into you guys?

Penelope: I learned that it doesn't matter who it is. It's the kindness in their hearts that matters.

Narrator: The wedding begins. Mom and Dad are crying.

Little Girl: Do you take Penelope to be your wife? *says for him in low voice* I do.

Little Girl: And do you Penelope take Trevor to be your husband.

Penelope and Little Girl (in unison): I DO.


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