Pan's Blessing: a Play

 by Caitlin C






(Note: The * indicates a major role with many lines.)

Narrator: It was a typical sunny morning for Emily and her family. Emily loved nature and went into the forest with the animals every day. As she headed out to the forest that Wednesday, something was different.

Emily (muttering): What’s going on?

Worker: Hey kid, you gotta move! I gotta get to work soon!

Emily: What work are you doing? Do you have a permit? Why don’t you leave the forest alone?

Worker: Woah there kid, slow down! I got a permit to chop some of these suckers down to build a factory.

Emily: First of all, stop calling me “kid”, I’m 14 years old and can easily take you down. Second, you have no right, whatsoever to take down these precious trees, for they are state property. Last, don’t call these trees “suckers”! They help you breathe! You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for these trees. 

Narrator: Then the mechanical whirring of the lumber machines turned on, angering Emily more.

Worker: Listen, I can do what I want, and you’re blocking the way, so I suggest you move unless you want to be run over.

Narrator: Emily huffed as she slowly walked into the sunset, back to her house. When she got home, she knew had to make a plan. 

Emily (muttering): Would they run over a kid? Yes! I got a plan!

Narrator: The next day came and Emily marched over to the woods. What happened was just a repeat of the previous day. This continued for a few days. As Emily was sadly walking away she saw a rainbow butterfly. They were a symbol of Pan and super rare. It was told if you follow it, it would lead you somewhere special. Emily started following it, and it led to a fountain with so much beautiful nature. There was also a man there with vines wrapped around him. 

Emily: Wow! This is amazing! Who are you? Did you make this?

Pan: Hello, I am Pan, protector of nature. I saw your problem with that worker. How would you like to be immortal and protect nature?

Narrator: Emily obviously said yes and she became Queen of the nymphs and dryads. She lives forever to protect beautiful nature. Pan knew she was the right one to take his place as guardian of nature once he died.