Holiday Gift Guide for All Ages

 By Theresa

Are you looking for some last minute gift ideas? The Sparta Spirit has you covered. Here's a gift guide for friends and family of all ages!

 1) Kids my age really like Robux gift cards for Roblox or other gift cards for video games. 

 2) Younger kids may want a big stuffed animal or a few action figures from their favorite show.

 3) I know that older kids may want a new cell phone, but they’re really expensive, so you should get them some books that would be useful for college. 

4)  Babies are the easiest to shop for. All you need to get them is a few baby toys, baby clothes, and maybe a blanket or stuffed animals. 

 5) Getting presents for adults is personally the hardest for me because I’m a kid, so I have no clue what to get them, but you should get them something sweet like a shirt, a Christmas ornament, or a nice mug that they can drink coffee/tea out of.

No matter what you buy this holiday season, make sure you spend some quality time with your friends and family! Good luck shopping and enjoy the holidays!