Pumpkin Horror: a Short Story

 By Theresa

        It was a cloudy evening in Pumpkinville. Pumpkinville was known for having the best pumpkins in the state. People from all over the country came to get the best pumpkins for Halloween, baking, or crafts. Pumpkinville got its name from the pumpkins that grew everywhere you would look. One kid hated the pumpkins with all her heart: Molly. Molly also had a twin brother named Mark that loved pumpkins. Mark basically lived on them. He loved eating and baking pumpkin pie for everyone. Molly and Mark were in eighth grade, and they were both fourteen years old. They had a little sister named Lucy. Lucy didn’t mind the pumpkins either. Mark and Lucy would bake pumpkin pie all the time. When the filling was made for the pie, Lucy loved to feed the filling to their baby brother Zack. Everyone in town thought the Squash family (The Squash family... what a silly name) was the perfect family with the best pumpkin farm, but Molly didn’t think so. As I said, Molly hated pumpkins, so having a large pumpkin farm definitely didn’t help.

Molly was heading to school with Mark one day, and of course, she tripped over a pumpkin that was sitting randomly on the sidewalk. She stared at it in disgust as they continued walking. 

        “What did you trip over your own feet?!” Mark sneered as he laughed at Molly. 

        “I tripped over a pumpkin, dummy,” Molly said with an attitude. 

        “Ok, whatever, weirdo,” Mark continued to laugh. They kept on walking, when Molly suddenly saw another pumpkin on the sidewalk. It looked very similar to the pumpkin she had seen earlier. 

        “Are we going in circles, Mark?” Molly asked nervously. 

        “No, why would you think that?” Mark blurted, annoyed. 

        “Well, the same pumpkin I tripped over a while ago is right there,” Molly pointed to the pumpkin in confusion. 

        “What pumpkin? Molly I think you're going a little crazy,” Mark looked a tiny bit worried. 

        “I’m NOT!” Molly screamed. 

        “Are too,” Mark screamed back. 

        “Just stop. Let's get to school,” Molly ran ahead. 

At school, the two stopped at their lockers and went to their classes. Molly and Mark didn’t have any of the same classes because they were twins. The teachers did not want to deal with twins fighting all the time. The twins were on separate eighth grade teams, so they wouldn’t run into each other. Everyone thought it was for the best. The twins didn’t care if they had classes together or not. The only time when they saw each was during lunch, and even then they were hanging out with their own friends, which didn’t matter to either of them. 

It was third period when Molly saw Mark sneaking out of the building. She ran after him in anger and worry. 

        “What are you doing?!” Molly yelled in Mark’s face. 

        “I wanted to look at the pumpkins to get some cooking ideas,” Mark said, not caring. 

        “Ya right,” Molly sneered as she rolled her eyes. 

        “Fine, I was going to skip gym! You know how much I hate gym class,” Mark admitted after lots of screaming. Suddenly a teacher saw the two with the door half open. The teacher took this the wrong way, and started dragging Molly and Mark by their ears to the principal's office. The twins panicked and started explaining what was really going on but she didn’t listen. The teacher kept screaming, You bad bad children and that was unacceptable! When they got to the principal’s office more than half of the school was trying to see what was going on. 

        “What’s going on?” asked Mr. Spookton, the school principal. 

        “These two students were trying to run away from school and skip class!! They should be expelled from this school,” the teacher roared with a huge frown smeared across her face. 

        “What’s your side of the story?” Mr. Spookton asked nicely. Molly stepped forward and explained everything. 

        “I saw my brother trying to run away, and I ran up to him asking what he was doing. He told me he was running away from gym class. That’s when the teacher saw us when I was trying to reason with him,” she clarified. 

        “Thank you,” Mr. Spookton said in a low but calm tone. “What about you Mark?”

        “I was not trying to run away from gym class. I thought I heard a loud bang outside, so I wanted to check to make sure it wasn’t an animal or something. I’m very sorry for being nothing but helpful,” Mark lied with a huge evil smirk on his face. 

        “I still don’t believe either of you” The teacher squealed with anger, rolling her eyes. 

        “Mark thank you so much for being helpful, and as for you Molly, you have detention for two weeks everyday after school. I also don’t care about your Halloween plans with your friends,” Mr. Spookton stared at her in anger.

        “But that’s not true what Mark sa…..” Molly didn’t finish. 

        “No buts whatsoever. It’s final,” Mr. Spookton slammed his fist on his desk. 

        “Well, good for you. I don’t like Halloween, and I don’t have any friends, so I wouldn’t mind staying after school for stupid detention!” Mark exclaimed. Molly screeched in frustration.


Later that day when Molly and Mark were walking home, Molly started to scream at Mark. 

        “How could you do that? You are such a pathetic liar, and an idiot brother. How could you!!” Molly blinked back angry tears as she ran to her room. Their mom Amanda asked Mark what was wrong, and of course he said he didn’t know, grabbing for the pumpkin cookbook. Amanda slowly climbed the stairs to go check on Molly. 

        “Can I come in?” Amanda asked as she turned the door knob. “What’s wrong?” Amanda looked concerned. 

        “Nothing, Mom. Go away,” Molly urged. 

        “Is there something wrong, is there a pumpkin outside?” Amanda teased rudely.

        “Mom, I said GO AWAY!” Molly roared loudly. 

Amanda left the room, not caring about her daughter. Molly always liked her dad much better than her mom. It kind of worked out though. Molly's favorite parent was her dad, and Mark’s favorite parent was his mom. It was a win-win. Molly always went to her dad for help. When she told her dad what happened, he immediately called the school. 

        “Hi, this is Adam Squash. I’m calling about my daughter who got in trouble because her brother decided to lie...” Adam was on the phone with the school for almost a half hour, arguing about this huge mess. 

Molly didn’t talk to Mark for five days straight. Mark didn’t seem to care at all though. Of course when Molly and Mark got to school Molly was immediately being teased and Mark was going off to his little popular group. 

        “Hey Squash!’ One kid yelled. 

        Then came Tasha, “Hey cockroach,” She laughed so hard she fell to the ground. 

        “Why do you even call me that?” Molly rolled her eyes in annoyance.

        “Because cockroaches get SQUASHED!!!!” Tasha burst out laughing again. 

        “Shouldn’t I be the one who’s SQUASHING you?” Molly muttered. Molly went through her locker looking for her math binder and notebook. She rushed into her class as the bell rang. 

        “Since Halloween is next week, we will be doing some math but with pumpkins!” The math teacher said excitedly.

        “Don’t we always do math with pumpkins?” Molly pointed out.  

        “Yes, but this time they have spooky faces,” The math teacher said like she was talking to a three year old.

Molly did her work in a far off corner away from everyone one else. No one cared about her, everyone made fun of her, but everyone adored Mark. No one said mean things about him. Mark would sometimes help his sister out. As Molly handed her work in, she rushed out the door to her next class.

Later that night, Molly heard a tapping noise on her window. She jumped out of bed and put her book down. 

        “Hello? Is anyone there?” Molly said, shaking. Nothing was there though. She heard it again, “Mark stop it, it’s not funny” Molly screeched with fear. There was no one outside her window. Molly looked again, but all she could see was the black sky with little white stars. The sky looked like a beautiful painting with the big bright full moon. The tapping noise came back again. Molly ran down stairs screaming. “Mom! Dad! There is something tapping on my window and I don’t know what it is,” Molly blinked back tears of fear. Adam went to go check to see where the noise was coming from, but again there was nothing there. Everyone started to get a little worried, so they all decided to go to bed. Molly agreed to go to sleep. Everyone just thought that they were all tired or something.

The next morning there was no school because it was finally the weekend. All the children were eating breakfast when Adam went to go look at Molly’s window. Again there was nothing there. Maybe they were all just hearing things. After Molly was done with her pumpkin pancakes, she went on a walk. She slowly walked on the sidewalk in front of her house. She suddenly stopped when she heard footsteps. Molly looked behind her but there was no one there, only a strange pumpkin. 

        “Am I having nightmares because of these stupid pumpkins?!” Molly yelled. She turned around to go home when she found a pumpkin vine attached to her shoe. She kicked it into the grass, and found herself running home. 

        Molly screamed with fear inside her head when she was laying on her bed. Then another tapping sound came from her window. This time when she looked outside she saw a pumpkin vine and screamed. Everyone came running upstairs. 

        “What’s wrong?” Amanda asked. 

        “There is a p-pumpkin vine on my window,” Molly was shaking and she burst into tears.

        “It wasn’t there last time I checked,” Adam said, starting to feel nervous.

That night Molly cried herself to sleep when suddenly another pumpkin vine banged on the window. Molly didn’t hear it because she was still sleeping when the pumpkin vine opened the window. The glowing pumpkin crawled into Molly’s window and grew bigger and bigger until it swallowed her. The pumpkin crawled around the house eating everything in sight, even humans. When the pumpkin finished devouring the house it moved onto the pumpkin farm which made the pumpkin grow even more. Everyone in town was sleeping until the pumpkin ate everything. 

        How did this pumpkin get so big? Why was it alive and eating everything? Everyone who lived in Pumpkinville thought this was a normal little town that loved pumpkins, but they thought wrong.

The End