The World of the Gods (a Short Story): Prologue

By Kylie


        Once, a long long time ago there were six gods. The goddess of nature, the god of wind, the goddess of fire, the god of water, the goddess of light and the god of darkness. Each of the gods had an earth born from their element. The gods were sworn to protect these earths but over time realized that there was nothing to protect. Nothing would ever happen; they would just sit on their earth all alone for eternity. Until one day the god of water Poseidon, made a path to the goddess of nature's Earth. He introduced himself and after staying with her for 10 years they fell in love and got married. The goddess of nature Gaia, had a baby girl Hebe the goddess of life. When Hebe was born so were two other beings.

 Over time the civilian population grew and Hebe grew too. She is now only 6 and as the goddess of life she must keep peace among the planet. Yet there were still those who thought that the gods were a sign of danger. So one day a servant of the gods found a way to use the god of darkness's powers to poison Gaia, Poseidon tried everything to save her but it did not work Gaia ended up dying a painful death. Hebe, hurt by her mothers gruesome death, went up to the top of the castle and refused to come out. Poseidon cried so much he caused a flood around the planet and was forced to go back to his original planet to avoid drowning any of the civilians. Though with Gaia gone the plant life and the food that it produced began to die and wars broke out among the people and there were no gods left to save it… 

“Mommy, Mommy, where are you?” 

“Right, here sweety.”

“What's all that noise?”

“Ohhh It's nothing, don't worry.”

“Come with me okay.”

“Okay mommy.”

“Where are we?”

“We're in your new home darling.”

“What, but I liked our old home.”

“Okay but now is not the time to worry, see that man over there.”


“You're going to go with him.”

“But what about you?”

“I will be fine, okay now go.”

“Okay mommy.”

“Keep him safe.”

“I will.”

To Be Continued...