Crystal Mastermind: Chapter One (Katheryn)

By Chloe B
Chapter One

I knew I had Crystal between a cliff’s edge and swordpoint when I said I needed her Honeymoon Crown. Quick as a flash, I sprung up and unleashed my taekwondo moves. She howled in anger and spewed a series of curse words.
Crystal whipped out a ten thousand dollar designer cell phone and dialed a number within seconds. A tinkling sound filled the room. The TV flew outward and two women dressed in scarlet armor marched in, scarlet scabbards hanging at their hips. My eyes widened. Crystal really had it in for me.
“Katheryn Jacobi, you’re coming with us,” they said in unison. Crystal smirked. I glared daggers at her. She made one tiny circle gesture, and the guards, for that’s clearly what they were, yanked out a metal circular chain connected to four smaller ones. They clamped the larger circle around my waist and connected the smaller ones to their wrists.
At first I stood my ground. Then the guards gave a tug and sent me stumbling across the floor.  The guards then dragged me across the room toward a dark oak door with a regal gold handle. With each of their steps, I slid painfully forward.


It took my eyes a bit to adjust to the bright light of the scarlet carpeted room, after being in that damp room. I shivered at the thought. I was back on my feet now. As I glanced around, trying to make sense of where I was, a glint caught my eye.  I saw Crystal’s Honeymoon Crown glinting in a display case at least four feet above me, and it was six feet nine inches! I stared longingly at the pristine state-of-the-art case, trying to break down how to steal its contents. I couldn’t go back without it, but I doubted I would be going anywhere for awhile.
Crystal’s guards walked down the stairs, forcing me to walk with them. I looked back and noticed Crystal was walking behind me. I faced forward. I didn’t want to look at her. Her guards led me to the basement stairs. My blood went cold, much to Crystal’s delight. The light went on, illuminating the plush maroon carpet. Hang on. Carpet? I was so confused.
The guards proceeded down the stone stairs and, much to my astonishment, opened an oak door with a lever, confirming my suspicions that I would be locked in. What I saw nearly made me faint, yet again.
The room was much larger than I thought. A purple canopy bed was placed against the back left corner, with a button to change the color. A dark oak dresser was next to the bed, and a door to the bathroom was built into the right wall. The guards let me go and I opened it, discovering the biggest bathroom I’ve ever been in, including the hotels I’ve stayed at. The bathroom and shower was huge, much larger than I needed it to be.
I walked out of the bathroom in a trance, feeling the soft, plush carpet under my feet. I reached Crystal and her guards and the first words out of my mouth were, “This is NOT what I was expecting.” Crystal laughed.
“What, were you expecting jail cells? No, we treat our captives nicely.” Now that she mentioned it, yes, I was expecting jail cells.
“Okay, then. Well, I guess I thought you aren’t as evil as I thought you were.” She cackled wickedly.

“Oh, I’m still plenty evil, Katheryn. I’m still plenty evil…” With those words and a menacing smirk she shut the door, trapping me in my new room. Then she opened it again and said, “Oh. And I’ll be taking this.” She walked up to me and plucked the earpiece I was supposed to activate when I entered the mansion. I spluttered, but I couldn’t form any words. She walked back out and shut the door, for good this time, and I knew it.


  1. Ohhhhhh! Crystal IS plenty evil!! Mwahahahaha!


  3. "Oh, I'm still plenty evil, Katheryn. I'm still plenty evil..." Let me know what you think about putting chapter three up!


  5. Chapter 3! Chapter 3! Chapter 3! Chapter 3!

  6. Alright, guys! Chapter Three is underway!


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