Scary Story Contest

 By Various Authors

For Halloween this year, some of the 6th-grade students participated in a scary story contest. Please read the following stories and vote for your favorite! Scroll all the way down to find the voting form.

The Cousin

One day, a girl and her cousins were hanging out and having a fun time playing with their dog, Rosey. The girl's name was Jennifer, and the cousin's name was Joseph. He was 18, and Jennifer was 13, turning 14 in a month. Their parents came outside and asked them what they wanted for dinner, and they both shouted at once, "Pizza!" About an hour later, the pizza arrived. They ran inside and quickly ate it up in one bite. It was delicious. They were at Jennifer’s house, and it was time for her cousin to go, so they were about to leave, but Joseph's mom decided she wanted to stay the night because she didn't want to drive home in the dark. So, Joseph decided he wanted to drive home himself because he wanted to sleep in his own bed. It was pretty dark and hard to see. It was late, so Jennifer went to bed. However, she woke up abruptly in the night. She was hearing noises, and she saw her cousin walk in. She was confused. All he said was,

"Tell my mom I’m ok." Then he left. The next morning, she woke up and said to his mom,

“Um, for some reason, Joseph said to tell you that he's ok. I don't know why though.”

“I know why," she replied. "He died last night during a car crash when he was driving home.”

Where's the Baby?

    It was a rainy day when Skyler Walsh had plans to babysit the Green Family for the 3rd time: Adam Green, Olivia Green, and little baby Rosie. "Ring Ring!" Skyler rang the doorbell. The husband of the Green family walked up to the door and saw Skyler just standing there. He opened the door for her, but something didn’t feel right. As Skyler walked in, the parents walked out.

    The only words they said were, “Money’s on the table. Got to go. Bye. Oh, and kids need to be in bed by 9:00.” Skyler nodded her head and shut the door. The kids were in their beds playing video games as usual, but Baby Rosie was sleeping. Things were good until Skylar went down to the basement to grab the kids a drink. She turned her head in the dark and thought she saw something moving in the distance. She didn’t think anything of it until she turned on the lights. The lights were now on, and she saw a clown as creepy as a killer. She thought it looked just like a statue, so she quickly turned off the light and walked back up the stairs. She got the shivers like something wasn’t right, so she thought that maybe she should call their parents. She had never gone down to the basement before, so she didn’t know if that was there before or not. She grabbed her phone and quickly called the parents. The mom didn’t pick up, but thankfully, the dad did.

    She asked him, “Why do you guys have a clown statue in your basement, not going to lie it’s kind of creepy,” she explained.

    The dad replied, “But we don’t have a clown statue in our basement.”

The Wicked Laugh

October 29th, 1991

    It was a calm night at the Devilcross river, in fact, TOO calm. Eddie and Carl were tossing rocks into the water while staring into the moon. “What time is it?” Eddie questioned Carl. 

    “12:45 am, why?” 

    “Don’t we have a curfew?” Eddie was concerned that his mom would worry about him being gone so late.     

    “Yeah, but I don’t give a darn. Stop worrying so much and enjoy nature while you have the chance.” Carl was right, winter would come around, and there wouldn’t be any more beautiful sights for Eddie to take photos of. In any case, Eddie noticed a light coming from a small stone cave. Eddie pointed at it and said,

    “Carl, look at that cave, I think someone lives in there. Let's go check it out!”

    “I’m usually a daredevil, but I have DEFINITELY watched enough horror movies in my time to know not to go in there.” A reverse twisted laugh came from the cave.

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The boys were never heard from again...

The Creaky Cabin


    Once upon a time, there were 3 girls living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Everywhere you walked, it was creaky. One night, all the girls were sitting in the living room, and the shower turned on, so they went to turn it off. However, they were a little spooked because as soon as they walked into the bathroom, the shower turned off by itself. They just went back to watching tv. 

Almost an hour later, they decided to go to bed. In the middle of the night, they all woke up to a door slamming and a bunch of creaks, as if something was walking. They all got up to check it out, but they saw nothing, so they went back to sleep.

 The next day they were all in the kitchen making breakfast when they heard something at the pantry door. So they went to open it, and out jumped out an adorable dog. It turned out that all that time it was a dog!

“But how did the dog turn on the shower?” they wondered. That will always be a mystery.

Trick or Treat

    On a foggy Halloween night, Joe, Chris, Billy, and Tom, were going trick or treating in the neighborhood. They usually took the same route every year at Joe’s house, but this year they decided to go to Billy's house and his street. 

When they started, everything was normal. They went up and down the street trying to get the most candy as possible. After 30 minutes of getting candy, they found a massive house up a hill on the other side of the street.

“Let's go to that house!” Joe yelled, “They must give out king-sized candy bars.”

“Alright,” Billy responded.

As they adventured up the hill they quickly realized that the house was run-down and that it was alone on the hill. They did not turn back because they were determined to get the king-sized candy bars. The house was covered in cobwebs and had no lights on. 

“Trick or Treat,” they all said at once.

  At first, there was no response. They waited ten seconds before they decided to start heading back down the hill. As soon as they turned around, they heard creaking. The door was slowly opening. The boys turned back to see who opened the door. All they saw was a big, green, slimy hand reach out for them. They were never seen again.

The Babysitter

    Carlie was in her Freshmen year of High School when the incident happened. It began with a chilly

October morning. Carlie was walking her dog and hanging up flyers advertising her babysitting career,

when a young couple approached her. 

    “Hello, my name is William Jackson, and this is my wife Cassandra. We have plans tonight with a client of ours and need someone to watch out kids.¨ the man said in a nervous tone. Carlie, though, was very optimistic and had nothing to do that night, so she agreed to watch the couple´s kids. The children she was asked to babysit were three siblings, all older than four. You had Tyler, 5, Max, 7, and May, 9. However, the family she was babysitting lived in a neighborhood with a lot of other wealthy families, but it wasn't very safe. When she told her parents she had taken up the job, they were very suspicious and googled the parents' names. Two hours before Carlie had to leave, her mom came into her room with a soft expression on her face.

    “Carlie, I searched the internet for the family you're babysitting, and it turns out the parents are lawyers, and I found nothing close to concerning about them. Since they live in a dangerous neighborhood, your father and I have gotten you a phone.¨

    Carlie eagerly replied, "Thanks, Mom.¨ Before she could finish her sentence, her mom interrupted her, saying,¨Don't waste the battery tonight playing video games. You might need it.¨ However, these words meant nothing to Carlie. 

    Later that night, when Carlie arrived at the Jackson's house, Mrs Jackson gave her the rules. 

    ¨They have been already fed, and they are asleep. You can help yourself to anything in the fridge, but please stay in the basement, so nobody sees you walking around and gets suspicious. There is a baby monitor, so you can hear them, and our phone number is on the kitchen table.¨

    Carlie promised to follow her instructions, and after they left, she collected the phone number and a soda from the fridge. She first inspected the bedrooms to make sure the kids were asleep, and they were, just as Mrs. Jackson had said. Once Carlie headed downstairs, she noticed that there was a clown statue in the corner of the basement. It was so extremely creepy and lifelike, that she took a blanket from the couch and covered it so she could relax. Despite what her mother had said, she used her battery up until it was at 10%. At around 9:30 she heard a noise from the baby monitor and headed upstairs to check it out, but the children were sound asleep. Once she returned to the basement, the piece of paper that had the phone number on it was gone. At that moment she received a call from Mr. Jackson. She answered the phone and Mr Jackson said in a jolly voice,

    ¨How are the kids, have they been giving you too much drama?¨ Carlie responded,

    ¨They have been asleep since I arrived, but when I went to the basement there was a clown statue that was creeping me out. I put a blanket over it if that is alright with you?¨ There was a moment of silence from Mr. Jackson's end that was followed by concerned whispering. Mr Jackson said shakily,¨We don´t own a clown statue."