Beauty is Found Within

By Unknown Author

"A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.”-Marilyn Monroe

48% of women wear makeup because it makes them feel better themselves. Do girls just wear makeup to fit the description of what a girl should look like? Do they wear makeup because they are peer pressured by others to wear it? You are not described by what you wear or what you look like. You are defined by the kind of person you are.
The word 'cosmetic' is an adjective that means, “used to improve a person's appearance or done in order to make something or someone to look better.” A survey was taken at Renfrew Center Foundation and showed that girls usually start wearing makeup before they are of the age of thirteen. 20% of girls feel self conscious and unattractive without makeup.  After girls start using makeup at such a young age, it becomes an instinct. They don’t feel beautiful without makeup. According to one Huffington Post Article, studies have shown that 44% of women don't feel beautiful unless they wear makeup. Wearing makeup is trying to cover your imperfections like a pimple or a zit. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your flaws and try to cover them up. You should embrace who you are and try to become a better person on the inside because that is what counts.

Make up is artificial and doesn't show who you really are. Girls are beautiful just the way they are without the use of cosmetics. Just because someone, or maybe even yourself, may not 'approve' of the way you look doesn't mean you should change who you are. Don't be superficial.  Just be you because the best makeup you can wear is a smile.